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This article is about the film producer and polar explorer. For the sportscaster, see Pam Oliver.

Pom Oliver (full name Rosamund Cherry Jane Oliver [1]) is an experienced British polar explorer and former film producer,[2] born in May 1952.[1]

When she was 18 years old, she started travelling and eventually settled in Australia,[3] where she started working in the film and TV industry. She became a film producer in 1977, and produced films such as Cathy's Child (1979) and Hoodwink (1981), before returning to Britain, where she co-produced Biggles (1986) and did various TV productions.[2]

In 1997 she was part of the relay team which reached the North Pole. Then in 1999/2000 she was a part of the M&G Polar Team, making her one of the five who became the first British all-women's team to ski to the South Pole. [4][3]

Returning from her polar expeditions, she set up Woodland Skills in Shadow Woods near Billingshurst in West Sussex,[5] which is involved in outdoor education.


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