Pomeroon River

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Pomeroon River
Photograph of Pomeroon River
Photograph of Old Map of Pomeroon River (1688)
Old Map of Pomeroon River (1688)
Location Guyana

The Pomeroon River is located in Guyana, South America, situated between the Orinoco and the Essequibo rivers. The area has long been inhabited by Arawak people. John P. Bennett, an Arawak who in 1949 was the first Amerindian in Guyana ordained as an Anglican priest, worked for 20 years to write The Arawak-English Dictionary (1989/1994). It is recognized as significant to the preservation and study of the language of his people. The Pomeroon River is also one of the deepest river in Guyana.

In the 17th century, the Dutch founded a colony here, near the coast. It was later destroyed by French privateers.

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Coordinates: 7°37′N 58°45′W / 7.617°N 58.750°W / 7.617; -58.750