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Herb Pomian.svg
Battle cryPomian, Nowiny
Alternative namesBawola Głowa, Pomianowicz, Proporczyk
Earliest mention1306
Families239 altogether: Abramowicz, Awedyk, Bagniewski, Bartoszewicz, Besiekierski, Białłozor, Białosuknia, Biernacki, Biesiekierski, Biesierski, Bławdziewicz, Boczkowski, Bogatkiewicz, Bogatko, Bohatko, Bossuta, Brajczewski, Brajszewski, Broniszewski, Broniuszyc, Brudzewski, Brzączewski, Brzechowski, Brzozowski, Brzuchowski, Bukaty, Butkiewicz, Byczkowski, Chaliński, Charłupski, Chartłupski, Chebda, Chmielewski, Ciasnowski, Cieński, Ciesnowski, Ciołkowicz, Ciosnowski, Czapiewski, Czyński, Danowski, Derszkow, Dłużniewski, Dziembowski, Dziębowski, Dziurkowski, Gajdamowicz, Giedmin, Giedwicz, Gliński, Gobiata, Górski, Grabieński, Grabiński, Grabski, Hancewicz, Haniewski, Harasimowicz, Harasymowicz, Hebda, Hejnisz, Henclewski, Humel, Izdebski, Janczowski, Janczyński, Jarand, Jarunt, Jatowt, Jatowtowicz, Jażwiński, Juraha, Juranda, Kaczkowski, Kaczyński, Kamieniecki, Kanuszewicz, Kasiński, Kasparowicz, Kempalski, Kępalski, Kęsowski, Kielc, Kiełczewski, Kłobski, Kłopotowski, Kobierzycki, Kojdecki, Kolkowski, Kołucki, Kołudzki, Komaradzki, Komeradzki, Komierowski, Komirowski, Komoradzki, Kontowt, Kopczewski, Kosiński, Kośmider, Kotowski, Kozieradzki, Kraśniewski, Krosiński, Krukowiecki, Kruszyński, Leszyński, Lewiński, Linowski, Linkowski, Lubomeski, Lubomęski, Lubomski, Lubomyski, Lubomyślski, Łaszko, Ławecki, Ławski, Łubieński, Makowecki, Makowiecki, Malawko, Malawski, Maławski, Mieliski, Mieliwski, Milewski, Miller, Misiecki, Molawko, Motylewski, Motylowski, Nagrodzki, Netarbowski, Nieczatowski, Niehielewicz, Nietuchowski, Niewiesz, Nieżychowski, Nosiłowski, Nowak, Nowowiejski, Olszewski, Osiecki, Osiński, Ossuchowski, Ostromęcki, Otorowski, Pezarski, Peżarski, Pieniążek, Pietkiewicz, Pietkowski, Pietrusiewicz, Pietruszewicz, Pięta, Piętka, Piętkowicz, Piętkowski, Piotrkowski, Piskowski, Plinkowski, Płomikowski, Płomkowicki, Płomkowski, Płonkowski, Pogajewski, Pohajewski, Poklatecki, Pokłatecki, Pokubiała, Pokubiało, Pomian, Pomiankowski, Pomianowski, Popkowski, Popokowski, Pożerski, Prosiński, Proszyński, Przebojewski, Przybojewski, Przybranowski, Przystanowski, Psarski, Puklatecki, Pułaski, Purzecki, Rabczewski, Racieski, Racięcki, Racięski, Radecki, Radziszewski, Rapczewski, Rąbieski, Rąbiewski, Ruchocki, Sacewicz, Saczewicz, Sagajłło, Sagajło, Sagayło, Sągajło, Serafinowicz, Siciński, Sierzpiński, Skubarczewski, Sobieszowski, Sokołowski, Srzednicki, Stachiewicz, Stynwacki, Sulek, Sulewski, Suligowski, Suski, Swierzewski, Swolkień, Syciński, Śwerzewski, Szczepanski, Toltzig, Warzymowski, Werpowicz, Wędziagolski, Wichrowski, Wiesienicki, Wietrzychowski, Wilkostowski, Wolski z Kozioł, Zachnowicz, Zagajewski, Zakrzewski, Zdanowski, Zdebski, Zdunowski, Zdzenicki, Zdzienicki, Zembrzycki, Zerosławski, Zubrzycki, Żerosławski, Żyłło

Pomian - is a Polish coat of arms. It was used by several szlachta families in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


On the shield is the black head of a bison on a yellow field, with a sword driven into the head so that both the top and the bottom of the sword are visible. Above the helmet on the crown is an arm in armor with a bare hand holding a sword.

The origin of this coat-of-arms can be traced back to 1279, when Hebda, brother of Jaranda, performed public deeds of merit to atone for the sins of his murdered brother. One of his brave acts was the killing of a bison that had been plaguing the village of Lubania. During the reign of Walter II, King of Poland, the bison head was placed on the shield and the arm with a sword was placed above the crown and was named Pomian. This is a communal coat-of-arms and is shared by other Great Polish Families.


The Pomian coat of arms, being born by multiple families, as with most Polish armorial bearings, has multiple variations to the basic design. The design as shown in the example image on this page may be blazoned as follows:
Arms: Or, a buffalo's head caboshed, sable, pierced with a sword, proper. Mantling: Sable, doubled Or. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet, an arm embowed in armor holding in its hand a sword, proper.

Notable bearers[edit]

Pomian coat of arms in the burial monument of Mathias Lubienski (Maciej Łubieński), Primate of Poland and Interrex of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, inside Gniezno Cathedral

Notable bearers of this coat of arms include:

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