Pommy (play)

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Written by W. P. Lipscomb
John Watson
Date premiered 1950
Original language English
Genre melodrama
Setting rural Queensland

Pommy is a play.


An Englishman arrives in Australia and works on a station.


The play was written by W. P. Lipscomb and John Watson in the late 1940s. The story was originally written by Watson as a script and sent to Rank.[1] He met Lipscomb, who had never been to Australia in 1948 and the two decided to collaborate.[2][3] Lipscomb later went to Australia to write Bitter Springs.

Peter Finch was originally attached as director for its original English production[4] but eventually pulled out. The cast included Bill Kerr and Ronald Howard and the production ran for six weeks touring through England.[5] It did not come to London.

Despite the play's success in England, author John Watson said there was a reluctance from Australian theatre managements to put on the play in Australia.[6] It was eventually produced in Sydney and Melbourne in 1954.[7][8]


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