Pomodoro di Pachino

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Pomodoro di Pachino: Ciliegino variety.

The Pomodoro di Pachino (Tomato of Pachino) is an IGP/PGI for tomatoes from the southeast coast of Sicily, Italy.

The EU granted IGP protection in 2003.[1]


The four varieties allowed within the classification include both cherry tomatoes and Costoluto tomatoes these are:[2]

  • Ciliegino (Cherry)
  • Costoluto (Large salad tomato; similar to a Cuor di Bue)
  • Tondo liscio
  • Grappolo ('Grape' tomato)

Area allowed for cultivation[edit]

Under the classification, the zone of production are within the area bordered by Noto, to the north, Portopalo di Capo Passero to the south, both in Syracuse, and by Ispica (Ragusa) to the west.[3]


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