Pomorie Municipality

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Pomorie Municipality
Община Поморие
Municipality (Obshtina)
Location in Burgas provinceLocation on map of Bulgaria 
Location in Burgas province
Country Bulgaria
Province (Oblast) Burgas
Seat Pomorie
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Website www.pomorie.org

Pomorie Municipality (Bulgarian: Община Поморие, Obshtina Pomorie) is located in the Burgas Province, Bulgaria. The territory is 413.3 km² and the population is 28,572. The main economic activities are tourism, wine industry and grape growing.


The Pomorie Municipality experiences a mild climate, especially in the winters which see little precipitation.[1]

Natural resources[edit]

Black-sand beaches containing magnetic compounds can be visited near the town of Pomorie.[2]

Several natural regions are located in the Pomorie Municipality. These include the Pomoriysko Lake (Lake Pomorie), Chairite, Koriata and the Dobrovanski Gabi.[3] Lake Pomorie is a natural hyper-saline lagoon north of the town of Pomorie.[2] Parts of the lake have been turned into salt-pans.[2]


There are three sub-regions of the territory which include the Black Sea coast, the Tundzhanska undulating plain and the Eastern Stara Planina.[3]

The center is the town of Pomorie. The settlements in the municipality include the following 15 villages and 1 town (in bold):


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