Pomorie Municipality

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Pomorie Municipality
Община Поморие
Municipality (Obshtina)
Building of Pomorie Municipality, 2010
Building of Pomorie Municipality, 2010
Location in Burgas provinceLocation on map of Bulgaria 
Location in Burgas province
Country Bulgaria
Province (Oblast) Burgas
Seat Pomorie
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Website www.pomorie.org

Pomorie Municipality (Bulgarian: Община Поморие, Obshtina Pomorie) is located in the Burgas Province, Bulgaria. The territory is 413.3 km² and the population is 28,572. The main economic activities are tourism, wine industry and grape growing.


The Pomorie Municipality experiences a mild climate, especially in the winters which see little precipitation.[1]

Natural resources[edit]

Black-sand beaches containing magnetic compounds can be visited near the town of Pomorie.[2]

Several natural regions are located in the Pomorie Municipality. These include the Pomoriysko Lake (Lake Pomorie), Chairite, Koriata and the Dobrovanski Gabi.[3] Lake Pomorie is a natural hyper-saline lagoon north of the town of Pomorie.[2] Parts of the lake have been turned into salt-pans.[2]


There are three sub-regions of the territory which include the Black Sea coast, the Tundzhanska undulating plain and the Eastern Stara Planina.[3]

The center is the town of Pomorie. The settlements in the municipality include the following 15 villages and 1 town (in bold):


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