Pompeia (sister of triumvir Pompey)

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Pompeia (flourished late 2nd century BC & 1st century BC) was a Roman noblewoman of plebs status. Her mother was a Roman woman whose name is unknown and her father was the consul and general Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo. Pompeia’s brother was the triumvir Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus or Pompey the Great. She is the paternal aunt to Gnaeus Pompeius, Sextus Pompeius and Pompeia Magna, the children of her brother.

She was born and raised in a senatorial family in Rome. Pompeia married the Roman politician Gaius Memmius.[1] Memmius was an ally to her brother. Memmius commanded under Pompey in Sicily. Memmius in Sicily served as a propraetor. In 81 BC, Memmius served as a quaestor into Spain. In the war against Quintus Sertorius, Memmius was killed near Saguntum in 75 BC.[2]

Very little is known on Pompeia’s life. It appears that Pompeia and Memmius had no children.



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