Pompeo Giustiniani

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Pompeo Giustiniani was born in 1569 in Ajaccio. When he started military career he was only fourteen years old. In 1602, during the siege of Ostend, he was promoted “Mastro di campo”. Thanks to his military experience, he wrote the text “Delle guerre di Fiandra”, published in Antwerp in 1609.[1] In 1613 he entered in the Venetian army. During the Uskok war Giustiniani argued with the other officials because of his promises of victory. In 1616 he besieged Gradisca, but he had to withdraw the army because the Habsburg forces were too strong. On 10 October 1616, he was killed by the enemy army at Lucinico, and was buried in Venice, at the San Moisè church.[2]


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