Pompeo Magno

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Pompeo Magno (Pompeius Magnus) is an opera in three acts by Francesco Cavalli. It was designated as a dramma per musica. The Italian libretto was by Nicolò Minato.

Performance history[edit]

It was first performed in Venice at the Teatro S Salvatore on 20 February 1666.


Role Voice type Premiere Cast, February 20, 1666
(Conductor: - )
Pompeo (Pompey) alto
Sesto (Sextus), his son soprano
Mitridate (Mithridates), King of Pontus tenor
Issicratea (Hypsicrateia), Queen of Pontus soprano
Farnace (Pharnaces), her son soprano
Harpalia, her slave soprano
Cesare (Caesar) bass
Claudio (Claudius), his son tenor
Giulia (Julia), his daughter soprano
Servilio (Servilius), her lover soprano
Crasso (Crassus) tenor