Poncelet (crater)

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Poncelet crater LROC polar mosaic.jpg
LRO mosaic
Coordinates 75°48′N 54°06′W / 75.8°N 54.1°W / 75.8; -54.1Coordinates: 75°48′N 54°06′W / 75.8°N 54.1°W / 75.8; -54.1
Diameter 69 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 57° at sunrise
Eponym Jean V. Poncelet

Poncelet is the remains of a lunar crater that is located near the northern limb of the Moon. It lies to the east-northeast of the crater Pascal and northwest of Anaximenes. Like the latter formation, Poncelet is a worn, eroded formation with an interior that has been flooded, either with lava or possibly ejecta. The outer rim is a low, circular ridge with a narrow break to the south and a wider breach to the northeast. The interior floor is pock-marked with many tiny craterlets, the most notable of which is Poncelet H, located just to the southeast of the midpoint.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Poncelet.

Poncelet Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 79.5° N 74.7° W 31 km
B 78.6° N 62.3° W 32 km
C 77.4° N 73.7° W 67 km
D 77.7° N 70.0° W 23 km
H 75.7° N 55.2° W 7 km
P 80.6° N 61.1° W 15 km
Q 79.9° N 59.9° W 14 km
R 79.3° N 57.3° W 10 km
S 78.7° N 56.2° W 10 km