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A pond is a small body of standing water.

Pond may also refer to:


  • Pond, California, a community in Kern County, California
  • Pond, Butte County, California, a former town in Butte County, California
  • Pond (asteroid), a flat or smooth deposit of fine regolith on an asteroid
  • Pond River, a 90.8-mile-long (146.1 km) tributary of the Green River, located in the western part of Kentucky
  • Pond Creek (disambiguation)
  • Ponds Creek, a creek in New South Wales, Australia
  • The Pond, an informal term used primarily for the Atlantic Ocean in the expression "across the pond", referring to North America or Europe (usually, the United States or the United Kingdom), by an observer on the other side
  • Honda Center, an indoor arena in Anaheim, California, nicknamed "The Pond" when it formerly known as the Arrowhead Pond


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