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Pong Lang Sa On (Thai: โปงลางสะออน) is a comedian band from Thailand, founded in 2005. Their career was helped by winning a talent contest on TV in Thailand.

Their style of music can be referred to as folk music from Thailand, with a strong influence of pop and rock.

On stage, the musicians perform together with no fewer than ten dancers. These dancers are specialists in folk dance from Thailand. The front man, goes by the name Eed. Next to him, when he performs on stage, are two humorous ladies, referred to as "La-la" and "Lu-lu".

Biography Pong Lang Sa On is a band group founded in 2005 from Isan, the northeast region of Thailand. Their career started when they won a talent contest on TV. Their style of music is based on folk music, with a strong influence of pop and rock. They toured the US and staged tour events in Europe in August, 2008.

Pong Land Sa On performs on stage, performing a comedy show with traditional music. Dancing, singing, and live comedy jump-started their careers. Now, they are the leading "comedic" band group.