Pong Pagong

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Pong Pagong
Batibot character
First appearance 1984
Last appearance 1998
Created by Feny Bautista
Rene Villanueva
Species Turtle
Gender Male

Pong Pagong was a character in the Filipino children's show Batibot. Pong was in the form of a turtle standing on its hindlegs. Like Big Bird of Sesame Street, Pong was an enlarged small-animal character, standing over six feet tall and towering over human co-stars and aged to be around six years old.

Together with Batibot's other muppet, Kiko Matsing, Pong entertained and taught children, and were custom made in New York for Sesame! and later Batibot.[1] In 1994 both characters were pulled out from the show by the Children's Television Workshop (CTW) because of licensing issues.[citation needed] Batibot's co-mingling of Sesame Street gave viewers the impression that Pong Pagong belonged to the Sesame Street universe, and thus became property of CTW.[original research?] CTW never used Pong Pagong, and Batibot thereafter lost Pong Pagong.[citation needed]


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