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Pongo may refer to:




Fictional characters[edit]

  • Pongo Twistleton, book character from P. G. Wodehouse's Uncle Fred stories from the 1930s to 1960s
  • Janice "Pongo" Footrot, comics character from Murray Ball's strip Footrot Flats (1975–1994)
  • Pongo the Pirate, puppet character from Gerry Anderson's TV series Torchy the Battery Boy (1958–1959)
  • "Pongo" Banks, antagonist of the 1979 Alan Clarke film Scum
  • Pongo, assistant to Johhny Gan (Bobby Lee) on Mad TV (season 12)
  • Pongo, puppet from Rooster Teeth short films

Fictional animals[edit]

Fictional places[edit]

  • Checkpoint Pongo, a border post of the Concavity near Methuen, Massachusetts, in the American novel Infinite Jest

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