Ponnur Municipality

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Ponnur Municipality
పొన్నూరు పురపాలక సంస్థ
Formation 1964
Merger of Municipal Corporation
Type Governmental organization
Legal status Local government
Purpose Civic administration
Headquarters Ponnur
Official language
Sajja Hemalatha
M.Ramesh Babu
Main organ
Website ponnurmunicipality.com/about-ponnur/

Ponnur Municipality is the local self government in Ponnur, a town in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is classified as a Grade–II municipality.[1]


The municipality was constituted in the year 1964 as Grade–III and then got upgraded in the year 1984 as a Grade–II municipality.[2]


The jurisdictional area of the municipality is spread over an area of 25.64 km2 (9.90 sq mi) with 31 municipal and 16 revenue wards.[3] The Elected Wing of the municipality consists of a municipal council, which has elected members and is headed by a Chairperson.[4] Whereas, the Executive Wing is headed by a municipal commissioner.[4] The present chairperson of the municipality is Sajja Hemalatha[5] and the present commissioner is M.Ramesh Babu.[6]

As per the survey conducted in 2014, there exists 60,600 households. In 2014-15, the total income generated by the municipality was Indian Rupee symbol.svg 8.8695 crore and the expenditure spent was Indian Rupee symbol.svg 7.4132 crore.[3]

Civic works and services[edit]

The municipality supplies drinking and irrigation water to the town from the Kommamuru, Poondla and Alwala[7] channels of Krishna Western Delta system.[8] by means of borewells, pubilc taps, water treatment plants etc. A total of 9 MLD (million liters per day) of drinking water is supplied everyday. There are 38.35 km (23.83 mi) of cement concrete roads and 160.80 km (99.92 mi) of drains and 71.05 km (44.15 mi) of storm water drains.[9]

The other infrastructure covers, street lights, markets, burial grounds etc., and recreational centers like, parks, playgrounds, auditoriums, functional halls and worship centers like temples, mosques and churches. There are both government and private educational institutions from primary to high schools including junior colleges. For public health, the municipality has a Government hospital and many other government and private nursing homes.[9][10]

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