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Upriver Bridge
Pont Amont.jpg
Pont Amont
Coordinates 48°49′36″N 02°23′20″E / 48.82667°N 2.38889°E / 48.82667; 2.38889Coordinates: 48°49′36″N 02°23′20″E / 48.82667°N 2.38889°E / 48.82667; 2.38889
Carries Motor vehicles
Crosses The Seine River
Locale Paris, France
Official name None
Next downstream Pont National
Design Truss Bridge
Material Reinforced concrete
Total length 270m (886 feet)
Width 42 m (138 feet)
Clearance below 4.5 m (15 feet)
Construction start 1967
Construction end 1969

The Pont Amont (French for "upriver bridge") is a bridge in Paris which carries the Boulevard Périphérique (Paris' inner ring road) over the Seine River. Entirely dedicated to motor traffic, it is the first bridge to be seen when following the Seine downstream into Paris. The bridge links the 12th and 13th arrondissements, near the Quai d'Ivry and the Quai de Bercy.

The bridge being 270 m long, it is the second longest bridge in Paris, after its downstream counterpart, the Pont Aval, which also carries the Périphérique. Inaugurated in 1969, it has not been given an official name : its current designation (Pont Amont) is, much like for the Pont Aval, completely unofficial.

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