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Pont Aval
Pont Aval
Coordinates 48°50′06″N 02°15′50″E / 48.83500°N 2.26389°E / 48.83500; 2.26389Coordinates: 48°50′06″N 02°15′50″E / 48.83500°N 2.26389°E / 48.83500; 2.26389
Carries Motor vehicles
Crosses The Seine River
Locale Paris, France
Official name Pont Aval
Next upstream Pont du Garigliano
Design Concrete
Total length 313m (1027 feet)
Width 35m (114 feet)
Clearance below ?
Construction start 1964
Construction end 1968
Toll Free both ways

The Pont Aval is a bridge that crosses the Seine in Paris, France. It is open exclusively to motor vehicles traveling along the Boulevard Périphérique, a roadway which encircles the city.


Location on the Seine

The Pont Aval is the last bridge spanning the Seine if one were to follow the river's course downstream through the capital. The Pont Aval is located in the southwest of Paris, linking the 15th and 16th arrondissements, connecting the Quai d'Issy-les-Moulineaux and the Quai Saint-Exupéry. With a total length of 313 meters (1,027 feet), the Pont Aval is the longest in Paris.


The bridge was opened in 1968. Like that of its sister-bridge, the Pont Amont, Pont Aval owes its name to its position on the Seine River: Pont Amont ("amont" meaning "upstream" in French) is the first bridge on the river as it enters Paris, Pont Aval ("aval" meaning "downstream") is the last.

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