Pont des Marchands

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Pont des Marchands
Narbonne - Le pont des marchands.jpg
Pont des Marchands today
Coordinates43°11′00″N 3°00′13″E / 43.183201°N 3.003693°E / 43.183201; 3.003693Coordinates: 43°11′00″N 3°00′13″E / 43.183201°N 3.003693°E / 43.183201; 3.003693
CrossesCanal de la Robine
LocaleNarbonne, Aude, France
DesignSegmental arch bridge
Longest spanCa. 15 m (49.2 ft)
No. of spans1 (once 6)
Pont des Marchands is located in France
Pont des Marchands
Pont des Marchands
Location in France

The Pont des Marchands (English: Merchants' Bridge) is a historic bridge in Narbonne, southern France. It serves as a foundation for a row of houses and shops underneath which the Canal de la Robine runs through the old town. Its segmental arch has a span of ca. 15 m.[1] In Roman times the structure featured as many as six arches.

It is one of only a handful of bridges worldwide that are lined with shops.

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