Ponte Eiffel

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Ponte Eiffel
Ponte Metálica sobre o Rio Lima em Viana do Castelo, de Gustave Eiffel.jpg
Coordinates 41°41′34″N 8°49′05″W / 41.6928°N 8.8181°W / 41.6928; -8.8181Coordinates: 41°41′34″N 8°49′05″W / 41.6928°N 8.8181°W / 41.6928; -8.8181
LocaleViana do Castelo District,  Portugal
Total lengthThe bridge spans the 560m of the Rio Lima and was constructed in 1878 by Gustave Eiffel (the engineer who was famed the Eiffel Tower in Paris). (Copied from another site, check copyright)
DesignerGustave Eiffel

Ponte Eiffel is a multi-level road–rail bridge in Portugal. It was designed by Gustave Eiffel. It is located in Viana do Castelo District.

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Coordinates: 41°41′34″N 8°49′05″W / 41.69278°N 8.81806°W / 41.69278; -8.81806