Ponte di San Francesco

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Ponte di San Francesco
Subiaco-Ponte di San Francesco.JPG
Bridge tower protecting access to the Ponte di San Francesco
Coordinates 41°55′27″N 13°05′21″E / 41.924237°N 13.089239°E / 41.924237; 13.089239Coordinates: 41°55′27″N 13°05′21″E / 41.924237°N 13.089239°E / 41.924237; 13.089239
Crosses Aniene
Locale Subiaco, Lazio, Italy
Design Segmental arch bridge
Material Stone
Longest span 37 m (121 ft)
No. of spans 1
Opened 1358
Access guarded by bridge tower

The Ponte di San Francesco (Italian for Bridge of Saint Francis) is a medieval segmental arch bridge over the Aniene in Subiaco, Lazio, Italy. Constructed in 1358, its single span measures 37 metres (121 ft).[1]

Other notable historic bridges crossing the Aniene include the ancient Ponte Nomentano and Ponte Salario, both of which were also fortified with a tower.


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Coordinates: 41°55′27″N 13°05′21″E / 41.92417°N 13.08917°E / 41.92417; 13.08917