Ponte di Tiberio (Rimini)

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Ponte di Tiberio

Pons Augustus
Ponte d'Augusto
Coordinates44°03′49″N 12°33′49″E / 44.063689°N 12.563656°E / 44.063689; 12.563656Coordinates: 44°03′49″N 12°33′49″E / 44.063689°N 12.563656°E / 44.063689; 12.563656
CarriesVia Aemilia
CrossesMarecchia (ancient Ariminus)
LocaleRimini, Italy
DesignArch bridge
Total length62.6 m (between abutments)
Width8.6 m
Longest span10.6 m
No. of spans5
Construction end20 AD
Ponte di Tiberio is located in Italy
Ponte di Tiberio
Ponte di Tiberio
Location in Italy

The Bridge of Tiberius (Italian: Ponte di Tiberio) or Bridge of Augustus (Latin: Pons Augustus) is a Roman bridge in Rimini, Italy. The bridge features five semicircular arches with an average span length of ca. 8 m. Construction work started during Augustus' reign and was finished under his successor Tiberius in 20 AD; an inscription thus calls the structure as "given by both emperors".[1] The bridge was the only crossing of the Marecchia not destroyed by the retreating German army during the Battle of Rimini and is said to have resisted all attempts at destruction, including the ignition failure of explosive charges.[2] The bridge is still open to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, with the exception of heavy goods vehicles.

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