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Pontian may refer to:

Anglicized forms[edit]

Pontian can be a variant Anglicisation of the Latin: Pontianus and its variants in other Romance languages (for example, the Spanish: Ponciano or the Italian: Ponziano). Additionally, it can be used as variant English adjectival forms of the Greek: Πόντος (/ˈpɒntəs/; "Pontos", "sea"; other English adjectival forms: "Pontic"); or the Latin: Pons ("bridge"; other English adjectival forms: "Pontine").


  • Pontianus of Spoleto, a second-century Christian martyr in Spoleto, Italy
  • Sicinius Pontianus, second century AD, stepson of Apuleius (described in the Apologia of Apuleius), son of Aemilia Pudentilla, and older brother of Sicinius Pudens
  • Pope Pontian, a third-century Catholic Pope
  • Pontianus Africae, a sixth-century Christian bishop, from an unknown African diocese, who was a figure in the Three-Chapter Controversy
  • Pontian Greeks, a group of ethnic Greeks traditionally from the Pontus and Pontic Mountains regions in northern Turkey



  • Pontian, in stratigraphy the uppermost Miocene Paratethys stage, coeval with the Messinian

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