Pontianak Menjerit

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Pontianak Menjerit
Directed by Yusof Kelana
Written by Yusof Kelana
Starring Ziana Zain
Azlee Senario
Faizal Hussein
Zed Zaidi
Sheila Rusly
Juliana Banos
Mazlan Pet Pet
Edited by Sallehan Shamsuddin
Distributed by Skop Production, ME Communications
Release date
16 June 2005
Running time
105 Minutes
Country Malaysia
Language Malay, Thai
Budget RM 1.05 million

Pontianak Menjerit, directed by Yusof Kelana in 2005, is a comedy horror flick about siblings' quarrel over a will worth million dollars to be inherited by their belated father.


Datuk Pengiran Abdul Rahman has asked his lawyer to find the people to inherit his fortune worth RM30 million. Besides his two sons, Azlee, a businessman and Mazlan, a fashion designer, there are still two more people on the list. One of them is Saiful, an orphan and a mechanic who do not see that he will be inheriting his dad's million-dollar fortune, because he has never seen his dad before. The other is Ratnapuri, a Siamese woman. Azlee, Datuk's eldest son, cannot accept the presence of Saiful and also Ratnapuri when his father's will is read at Datuk's residence.


  • Faizal Hussein – Yassin
  • Zed Zaidi – Saiful
  • Ziana Zain – Ziana
  • Azlee Senario – Azlee
  • Sheila Rusly – Ratana Puri
  • Juliana Banos – Julia
  • Mazlan Pet Pet – Mazlan
  • Zarina Zainoordin – Zarina
  • Nursyella – Syella
  • Dato' Jalaluddin Hassan – Mr. Salleh (Lawyer)
  • Angelina Tan – Inspector Angelina
  • Osman Kering – Tok Bomoh
  • Amran Tompel – Pak Man
  • Corrie Lee – Somchai
  • Julia Hana – Pontianak
  • Raja Noor Baizura – Datin


The film was released on 16 June 2005 and went box office.

Awards and nominations[edit]

18th Malaysian Film Festival, 2005

  • Best Cinematography - Indra Che Muda (Won)
  • Best Actress in Supporting Role - Sheila Rusly - Nominated
  • Best Editor - Nominated
  • Best Film - Nominated
  • Best Music Score - Nominated
  • Best Screenplay - Nominated
  • Best Sound - Nominated

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