Pontianak Sultanate

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Pontianak Sultanate
Kesultanan Pontianak
Part of the Dutch East Indies (from 1779)

Flag Emblem
Capital Pontianak
Languages Malay language
Religion Sunni Islam
Government Islamic Absolute Monarchy
 •  Established 23 October 1771
 •  Coronation 1 September 1778
 •  Disestablished 17 August 1950

Pontianak Sultanate or Kesultanan Pontianak was a state ruled by a monarchy in the province of Pontianak, Indonesia.


The Pontianak Sultanate was founded in 1771 by explorers from Hadhramaut led by al-Sayyid Syarif Abdurrahman al-Kadrie, descendant of Imam Ali ar-Ridha. He did two political marriages in Kalimantan, first with the daughter of Panembahan Mempawah and the second with the daughter of the Sultan of Banjar.

Once they arrived in Pontianak, they established the Kadariah Palace and get the endorsement as the Sultan of Pontianak by the Dutch East India Company in 1779.[1]

The Pontianak Sultanate had friendly relations with the Lanfang Republic.

Pontianak Sultan Syarif Muhammad Alkadrie was executed by the Japanese in the Pontianak incident along with all the other Malay Sultans of Kalimantan. Two of his sons were also beheaded by the Japanese.

List of Sultans of Pontianak[2][edit]

Sultan of Pontianak
Coat of arms of Pontianak Sultanate.gif
Royal Coat of arms
First monarch Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie
Last monarch Syarif Hamid Alkadrie
Formation 23 October 1771
Abolition 17 August 1950
Residence Kadriyah Palace
Appointer Hereditary
Sultan Reign
1 Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie 1771-1808
2 Syarif Kasim Alkadrie 1808-1819
3 Syarif Osman Alkadrie 1819-1855
4 Syarif Hamid Alkadrie 1855-1872
5 Syarif Yusuf Alkadrie 1872-1895
6 Syarif Muhammad Alkadrie 1895-1944
7 Syarif Hamid Alkadrie 1945-1950


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