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Pontic, from the Greek pontos (πόντος, póntos), or "sea", can refer to:

The Black Sea[edit]



  • Pontic Greek, a form of the Greek language originally spoken by the Pontic Greeks (see above)
  • Pontic, as opposed to Caspian (which refers to the possibly related Nakho-Dagestanian or Northeast Caucasian languages), is sometimes used as a synonym for the Northwest Caucasian language family.
  • Pontic languages, the hypothetical language family linking the Northwest Caucasian and Indo-European languages, and Proto-Pontic, the Pontic proto-language, is the reconstructed common ancestor of Proto-Northwest Caucasian and Proto-Indo-European.



  • Pontic, formerly known as Mutual FC, a Hong Kong Second Division League association football team

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