Pontifical Atheneum of St. Anselm

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Anselm of Canterbury in whose honour the university was established.

The Pontifical Atheneum of St. Anselm (Italian: Pontificio Ateneo Sant'Anselmo) is an educational institute in Rome, established under papal jurisdiction.[1] It is an international Benedictine university, which offers courses in philosophy, theology and liturgy, philosophy and mysticism, monastic studies, languages, sacramental theology and theological history. It is located next to the Church of Sant'Anselmo all'Aventino on the Aventine in Rome.

Since 10 March 2015, the Rector Magnificus (Great Rector) of the Pontifical Atheneum of St. Anselm is Father Juan Javier Flores Arcas, O.S.B., a Benedictine priest from Spain, who is a Member of the Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses.[2][3]


The University was restored in its present form by Pope Leo XIII in 1887,[4] created in honour of St. Anselm of Canterbury.

In 1952, the institution was given further recognition and flourished after the Second Vatican Council.[citation needed]


Sant'Anselmo receives students from Benedictine congregations from around the world to "provide theological training to Benedictines and other congregations of the Church Universal".[5]

The Institute was canonically established by the Apostolic See as a faculty of Sacred Liturgy of the Pontifical University of St. Anselm in order to promote liturgical science through research and teaching. As such it is empowered to grant, in the name of the Pope, the academic degrees of License (SL.L.) and Doctorate (SL.D.)

The university's library was established with gifts from various Benedictine congregations and the personal collections of Cardinal Dusmet Gaetano Bernardino, and has since grown to become a substantial source of theological research material.[citation needed] As of 2015 the librarian was Dom Luigi Gioia, O.S.B.

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