Pontifical Theological Faculty Teresianum

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel in whose honour the Faculty was established (Pietro Novelli, 1641).

The Pontifical Theological Faculty "Teresianum" is an institution of higher education of the Roman Catholic Church. It was established by the Carmelites in Rome for the study of scientific theology and anthropology.[1]


The Faculty was established on 16 July 1935 by Albert William (1878-1947), Father General of the Carmelite order after several years trying to convince the order that the institution should be established.

During World War II, the activities of the Faculty ceased but were restarted with renewed interest after the war. The renewed interest meant the original headquarters of the Faculty became too small and the institute secured a move to the Villa Pamphili in 1954. The new hall was equipped with more spacious rooms and an extensive library.[2]


Coordinates: 41°53′05″N 12°27′20″E / 41.8847°N 12.4556°E / 41.8847; 12.4556