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Pontine Paus (Cecilie Alexandra Pontine Paus) (born 15 June 1973) is a Norwegian fashion designer and businesswoman, living in London, and noted for designing exclusive handbags. She is the owner of the House of Paus fashion label, and has been cited by Vogue as the "hottest new name in handbags";[1] her clientele includes Kylie Minogue, Queen Silvia of Sweden and Queen Sonja of Norway.[2][3] In Norway, her handbags are sold by Benedikte Ferner who cites Pontine Paus as her favourite handbag designer,[4] and UK outlets include Paul & Joe, Ananya and Mirage.[5]

She has studied industrial design in Milan before turning to fashion. In Milan, her handbags were first spotted and commissioned.

Born in Greece and raised in London to Norwegian parents, she is the daughter of the London-based investor Christopher Paus (of the Paus family and son of Per Christian Cornelius Paus and Countess Hedevig Wedel-Jarlsberg, a daughter of Lord Chamberlain Peder Anker Wedel-Jarlsberg) and Cecilie Paus, née Wilhelmsen, who owns the Wilh. Wilhelmsen shipping company with her siblings. With her parents and sister Olympia Paus, she also owns stock in Scorpion Offshore.[6] Her paternal uncle is Peder Nicolas Paus. Her maternal uncle Wilhelm Wilhelmsen (born 1937) is President of Wilh. Wilhelmsen. Her paternal great-great-grandfather was factory owner and banker Ole Paus, son of ship-owner and banker Christopher Blom Paus (Henrik Ibsen's uncle).


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