Ponts Jumeaux

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Twin Bridges Relief

The Ponts Jumeaux (English: Twin Bridges) is the point at which the Canal du Midi joins the Canal de Garonne and the River Garonne, via the Canal de Brienne. It was built in 1774 by Joseph-Marie de Saget, a civil engineer in the province of Languedoc in Toulouse.

In fact, there are three bridges, each of which is the entrance to a canal. The entrance to the Canal du Midi is in the center. The Canal de Garonne to the north. The Canal de Brienne to the south. The north bridge was added during construction of the Canal de Garonne in 1844.

For boats to turn from one canal into another, the close quarters usually require them to proceed into the basin and turn before going into the next canal.[1] The basin contains the Port de l'Embouchure.

A bas-relief is presented between the bridges south side by the Toulouse artist Francois Lucas in 1775 in Carrara marble.[1]


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