Pony Down (Prelude)

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Pony Down (Prelude)
Pony down prelude.jpg
EP by Drive-By
Released October 6, 2005
July 22, 2008 (reissue)
Recorded Early 2005
Genre Midwest hip hop
Length 32:56
Label Psychopathic Records
Producer Violent J
Shaggy 2 Dope
Drive-By chronology
Pony Down (Prelude)
Back on da Block
(2013)Back on da Block2013

Pony Down (Prelude) is the debut EP by American hip hop duo Drive-By, which consists of Anybody Killa and Blaze Ya Dead Homie.[1][2] Released in 2005, the EP's sound is based on old school hip hop, which "throws back to classic bass tracks, from a time when trunks thumped and big bass bumped; an album that is straight rap patterns, with tight rhythm and loud sound."[3] It was reissued in 2008 with two bonus tracks: "Yellow Tape" and "By My Side".[4]

Track listing[edit]

Original version[edit]

  1. "Hear Us Comin'"
  2. "The Arrival"
  3. "Whistle"
  4. "Pony Down"
  5. "This High"
  6. "Hear Me Now"
  7. "She's Out There"
  8. "Black Khakis"
  9. "All I Know"
  10. "This High (Remix)" (featuring Violent J, Lavel & Esham)


  1. "Hear Us Comin'"
  2. "The Arrival"
  3. "Whistle"
  4. "Pony Down"
  5. "This High"
  6. "Hear Me Now"
  7. "Yellow Tape"
  8. "She's Out There"
  9. "Black Khakis"
  10. "By My Side"
  11. "All I Know"
  12. "This High (Remix)" (featuring Violent J, Lavel & Esham)
  • The song "This High (Remix)" contains verses by Violent J, Lavel & Esham, though they are uncredited.


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