Pony Express Bridge

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Pony Express Bridge
Pony Express Bridge in St. Joseph
Coordinates 39°44′56″N 94°51′35″W / 39.7488°N 94.8597°W / 39.7488; -94.8597Coordinates: 39°44′56″N 94°51′35″W / 39.7488°N 94.8597°W / 39.7488; -94.8597
Carries US 36
Crosses Missouri River
Locale Elwood, Kansas and St. Joseph, Missouri
Official name Pony Express Bridges
Design Twin Girder bridge
Opened 1983
California Trail and Pony Express Trail designations at entrance to Pony Express Bridge

The Pony Express Bridge is a highway girder bridge over the Missouri River connecting Elwood, Kansas with St. Joseph, Missouri on U.S. Route 36 (US 36).

The bridge is referred to in signage as Pony Express Bridges because there are separate bridges for east and west bound traffic. The bridges were built in 1983 to replace a truss bridge built in 1929. The truss bridge was demolished in March 1984.

The bridge is near the Pony Express stables at its eastern terminus in St. Joseph. US 36 to Marysville, Kansas is designated the Pony Express Memorial Highway because it follows the route. The bridge also passes over the family property of Johnny Fry, the "official" first west-bound rider of the Pony Express.

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