Pool Hall Blues

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"Pool Hall Blues"
Quantum Leap episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 18
Directed by Joe Napolitano
Written by Randy Holland
Produced by Deborah Pratt (supervising producer)
Harker Wade (producer)
Paul Brown, Jeff Gourson, Chris Ruppenthal (co-producers)
Featured music Mike Post
Cinematography by Michael W. Watkins
Original air date March 14, 1990 (1990-03-14)
Running time 4 min
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Good Night, Dear Heart"
Next →
"Leaping in Without a Net"
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"Pool Hall Blues" is a 1990 episode of the American science fiction television series Quantum Leap. Lead character Sam Beckett "leaps" (travels through time) into the body of an African American man in 1954: Charlie "Black Magic" Walters, one of the greatest pool players in America, and a childhood mentor of Al's. Beckett as Walters must help his granddaughter keep her Chicago nightclub and rescue it from under the corrupting influence of a criminal loan shark. The episode, the 18th of season 2, was written by Randy Holland and directed by Joe Napolitano. It originally aired on March 14, 1990. The episode won an Outstanding Cinematography Emmy Award.[1]


It is September 4, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, and Sam Beckett has "leaped" into the body of pool hustler Charlie "Black Magic" Walters, a former mentor of Al Calavicci. Magic's granddaughter, Violet, has borrowed money from a loan shark to convert an old pool hall into a blues nightclub. Unfortunately, disreputable pool hustler Eddie Davies has purchased the note for Violet's loan from the loan shark and is using it to goad Magic into a series of games of pool, threatening to take over the nightclub if Magic refuses. Unable to obtain a bank loan to purchase the note, Magic agrees to the match, with Ziggy providing Sam (who has no clue how to play pool) with guidance to allow him to play at Magic's level. Despite Eddie's interference - including having his henchman destroy Magic's beloved cue stick, Alberta - and the loss of Ziggy's guidance at a critical point in the match, Magic defeats Eddie and wins the note.




"Pool Hall Blues" won the 1990 Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Cinematography for a Series", for the camera work of Michael W. Watkins in the episode.[1]


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