Pool Revolution: Cue Sports

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Pool Revolution Cue Sports.jpg
Publisher(s) Hudson Soft
Platform(s) Wii (WiiWare)
Release date(s)
  • JP November 18, 2008
  • NA December 29, 2008
  • EU November 21, 2008
Genre(s) Sports simulationcue sports
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Pool Revolution: Cue Sports (Also known in Europe as Cue Sports: Snooker vs. Billiards and in Japan as Cue Sports: Wi-Fi Taisen Billiards) is a sports simulation video game video game published by Hudson Soft for the Wii's WiiWare service. The game simulates a variety of cue sports. It costs 800 Wii Points to download in the PAL region (mostly Europe) and only 500 in Japan and North America (the NTSC region).[1]


The game features a number of different cue sports to play. They include snooker, carom billiards, and pool (pocket billiards) variations like eight-ball, nine-ball and rotation.

The gameplay is much like Wii Play Pool and Midnight Pool. Players can aim at the desired ball and have to judge the shot at the right angle. Players will be able to choose from many different table styles and the game includes online play where you can play against another player or try to clear the table the fastest in a split screen mode. The game also allows players to attempt different trick shots and also gives them the ability to create their own.


The Wii Remote will act as the cue and players will be able to use it to set the power and the direction buttons to set the direction of the shot. However, the game does come with the option for players to set the strength of the shot by simply pressing buttons on the controller.


WiiWare World gave the game 7 out of 10. They appreciated the addition of online multiplayer and the more serious simulation aspects compared to Midnight Pool, but felt it was lacking the charm of that game. Ultimately, they commented that "if you can overlook the flaws there’s a very rewarding game here".[2]


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