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Pool checkers, also called "American pool checkers", is a variant of draughts, mainly played in the southeastern United States and Puerto Rico.

Basic rules[edit]

The starting position of pool checkers, as well as English draughts

As in the related game English draughts (also known as American checkers or straight checkers), the game is played on an 8x8 board with the double corner (corner without a checker) to each player's right.[1] The opponent playing the dark pieces will start the game by making the first move. One difference from the rules of English checkers is that a piece may capture both forward and backward. A player must capture an opponent's checker when possible (both forward and backward), but if two possibilities exist, the player may choose the sequence (even if one sequence has more jumps). The pieces are not removed until all jumps are completed and the player's hand is removed from his piece. A player may not capture an opponent more than one time. A player may not capture his own pieces. Another difference is that kings are flying kings. A king can jump any number of squares forward and backward. A king can make right turns after a jump and continue along another path after successfully taking an opponent. A king must also make all the possible jumps during a sequence. If the condition arises that one player has three kings and the other has just one king, the player who has the three kings must win within thirteen moves (even if the fourteenth move is a capture).

Past champions of the American Pool Checker Association[edit]

Names of champions in the several divisions are listed with the APCA club that they represent.[2]

All Tournament Results 2005-2016

Championship Divisions
Year / Place Top Master Master Junior Master Gold Bar Blue Ribbon
2016 Durham, North Carolina Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia Charlie Williams Joe Davis, Louisburg, North Carolina Booke Neely James McQuay
2015 Albany, Georgia Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia

Emanuel Rogers, St. Louis

Eugene "Sailorboy" McCloud Moltree, Georgia James Lyles, Georgia Ronald Jackson, Georgia Stevie L. Scott, Lakeland Florida
2014 Memphis, Tennessee Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia

Calvin Monroe, Atlanta, Georgia

Freddie Welcher, Augusta. GA Derrick Williams, Memphis, Tennessee Joe Davis, Louisburg, North Carolina Kenneth Jones, Havana Florida
2013 Columbia, South Carolina Calvin Monroe, Atlanta, Georgia
Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia
Carlye Lasane, Columbia, South Carolina Alexander McNair, Durham, North Carolina Michael Tramaine Adkins, Alapaha, Georgia Cornelius McCleod, South Carolina
2012 Atlanta, Georgia Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia Michael Weaver, Washington, DC Alex Issac, Darlington, South Carolina Derrick Williams, Memphis, Tennessee Walter A. Adams, Atlanta, Georgia
2011 Columbus, Ohio Calvin Monroe, Atlanta, Georgia Fred D. Shurn, Chicago, Illinois Michael Weaver, Washington, DC Khemraj Rambarran, Washington, DC Robert Firstlist, St. Louis, Missouri
2010 Durham, North Carolina Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia
Tim Moore, Durham, North Carolina Toney Simuel, Washington, DC Michael Weaver, Washington, DC William Wilkerson, Durham, NC
2009 Washington, DC Calvin Monroe, Atlanta, Georgia Kim Williams, Washington, DC Thomas Fletcher, Washington, DC Toney Simuel, Washington, DC William Ham Apex, North Carolina
2008 Chicago, Illinois Calvin Monroe, Atlanta, Georgia Arthur McCarr, Tampa, Florida Kim Williams, Washington, DC General Owens, Chicago, Illinois Joe Davis, Louisburg, NC
2007 Chicago Al Lambert, Chicago, Illinois Clinton Thang & David Jackson Macon, GA Gregory Green, Macon, Georgia Kim Williams, Virginia Beach, Va. Derrick Williams, Memphis, Tennessee
2006 Columbus, Ohio Calvin Monroe, Atlanta, Georgia John Williams, Washington, DC Larry Lindsay, Piedmont Tommie Ferrell, Athens, Georgia Keith Brown, St. Louis, Missouri
2005 Atlanta, Georgia Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia
Calvin Monroe, Atlanta, Georgia
Willie Robinson, Atlanta, Georgia Hammond Clark, Atlanta, Georgia Reggie King, Miami, Florida Toney Simuel, Atlanta, Georgia
2004 Memphis, Tennessee Calvin Monroe, Atlanta, Georgia Edward Danzy, Detroit, Michigan Jessie Sherfield, Memphis, TN Freddie Lambert, Durham, NC Robert Hunt, Miami, Florida
2003 Atlanta, Georgia Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia Homer King, Macon Edward Danzy, Detroit Alexander McNair, Piedmont Alexander Eley, Atlanta
2002 Washington DC Calvin Monroe Georgia
Charlie Brown, Baltimore
Alexander Katz, New York
Albert Harrison, North Carolina
Joe Wilson, Memphis
John Williams, Washington, DC Robert N. Johnson, Piedmont Michael Weaver, Washington, DC
2000 Columbus, Ohio Ion Dosca, Moldova Clorius Lay, Gary Arthur McCarr, Tampa Keith Goodman, Atlanta Lynwood Tharrington, Piedmont
1999 Memphis, Tennessee Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia Frank Cox, Bahamas Donald Jackson, Macon Emmett Smith, Georgia James Lanier, Piedmont
1998 Atlanta, Georgia Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia Louis Rufus, St. Louis David Jackson, Macon Timothy Moore, Piedmont Vilner Philippe, Bahamas
Emanuel Rogers, St. Louis
1997 Flint, Michigan Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia Alex Golodets, Memphis Joseph Wilson, Memphis Willie Robinson, Midwest Ohio Elliott Eley, St. Louis
1996 Houston, Texas Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia Anatoliy Grupin, Los Angeles
Anthony Simmons, Georgia
Servin Hanna, Bahamas Chauncey Smith, St. Louis Timothy Moore, Piedmont
1995 Augusta, Georgia Al "Eastpoint" Barnett, Sparta Georgia
Elton Williams, Flint
Vincent 'Dino' Dean, Bahamas Freddie Welcher, Augusta Gary Watson, Florida Eugene Davis, Georgia
1994 Winston-Salem, North Carolina Calvin Monroe, Georgia Timothy Irving, Houston Fred Shurn, Chicago Rodger Knowles, Bahamas William Byrant, Piedmont
1993 Petal, Mississippi Elton Williams, Flint Orlando Williams, Chicago Anatoliy Grupin, Los Angeles Wayne Lockheart, Toledo, Ohio Clinton Murphy, Georgia
1992 Nassau, Bahamas Carl Smith, Chicago
Andrew Frazier, Bahamas
Charles Hudson, Detroit American Michael Williams, Bahamas Leonard Bains, Bahamas General Owens, Chicago
1991 Los Angeles, California Carl Smith, Chicago Melvin Martin, NA Frank Cox, Bahamas Therman Earnest, Chicago Joe Bailey, LA
1990 Atlanta, Georgia Iser Kuperman, Midwest Ohio Simon Levine, NA Willie Robinson, Georgia Obie Rufus, Memphis Leonard Bain, Bahamas
1989 Columbus, Ohio Iser Kuperman, NA Valentine Cox, Bahamas Nelson Moore, St. Louis Clifford Johnson, Chicago Crover Kennedy, LA
Christopher Stinson, LA
1988 Detroit, Michigan Iser Kuperman, NA Sylvester Wilson, NA
Al Lambert, Chicago
Orlando Williams, Chicago Fred Shurn, Chicago Joseph Capers, Detroit American
1987 Memphis, Tennessee Iser Kuperman, Bahamas Henry Stokes, Memphis Albert Harrison, Winston-Salem Jessie Sheffield, Memphis Fred Shurn, Chicago
1986 St. Louis, Missouri Iser Kuperman, Bahamas Henry Miller, Georgia
Andrew Frazier, Bahamas
Valentine Cox, Bahamas Frank Cox, Bahamas Garland Kilpatrick, LA
1985 Dayton, Ohio Iser Kuperman, Bahamas James Garrett, Winston-Salem Andrew Frazier, Bahamas Robert Butler, Bahamas Eddie Smith, Chicago
1984 Nassau, Bahamas Iser Kuperman, Bahamas Neil Wright, NA James Chambers, Bahamas Andrew Frazier, Bahamas Roger Knowles, NA
1983 Chicago, Illinois Carl Smith, Chicago George Briscoe, Berston/Flint Al Lambert, Chicago Louis Rufus, St. Louis Wayne Lockheart, Toledo, Ohio
1982 Akron, Ohio Carl Smith, Chicago James Shell, Georgia Eugene Hampton, Berston/Flint Valentine Cox, Bahamas Sylvester Wilson, Berston/Flint
1981 Memphis, Tennessee Momodou Fall, Georgia James Stone, Georgia Homer King, Georgia McBee Smith, Cleveland Robert Johnson, Chicago
1980 Washington DC Momodou Faal, Georgia Rembert Ford, Detroit
Parmalee McClammey, Brooklyn
Bobby Hodo, Chicago Dan Flowers, Detroit American Prince Garland, Washington
1979 Winston-Salem, North Carolina Momodou Faal, Georgia
Vladimir Kaplan, N.Y. Dream
Elton Williams, Berston/Flint
Larry Stepter, Memphis Parmalee McClammey, Brooklyn Bobby Hodo, Chicago Emory Myrick, Brooklyn
1978 Detroit, Michigan Vladimir Kaplan, N.Y. Dream Jesse Hurst, Memphis Charles Hudson, Det. Amer Ben Rice Det., Amer. Johnny Jamerson, Piedmont
1977 Atlanta, Georgia Vladimir Kaplan, N.Y. Dream Joel Marshall, Georgia C.P. Rudy, N.Y. Dream Parmalee McClammey, Brooklyn Bobby Hodo, Detroit American
1976 Memphis, Tennessee Carl Smith, Chicago Raleigh Taylor, Brooklyn James Sharp, Chicago Luther Murray, Detroit American Jesse Sheffield, Memphis
1975 Chicago, Illinois Carl Smith, Chicago Ohio Mitchell, Chicago Larry Stepter, Memphis Stephen Trader, Harlem Pk. S. Saneigeyman, Cleveland
1974 St. Louis, Missouri Carl Smith, Chicago Charles McDuffie, St. Louis Alex Femandez, Brooklyn Jesse Galloway, N.Y. Dream Leroy Thomas, Chicago
1973 New York, New York Carl Smith, Chicago Elton Williams, Berston/Flint Jasper Grayson, NA Alex Femandez, Brooklyn Stephen Trader, Harlem Pk.
1972 Detroit, Michigan Carl Smith, Chicago See Top Masters Elton Williams, Berston/Flint Charles Florene, Chicago Ray Lawrence, N.Y. Dream
1971 Flint, Michigan Victor Krafft, Chicago
Ollie Howard, N.Y. Dream
See Top Masters Joel Marshall, Georgia Elton Williams, Berston/Flint Eddie Reynolds, Cleveland
1970 Cleveland, Ohio Carl Smith, Chicago Carl Smith, Chicago Wood Williamson, Det. Amer Rudy Slade, N.Y. Dream Elton Williams, Berston/Flint
1969 Atlanta, Georgia William Langley, Detroit American Carl Smith, Chicago Frank Mitchell, Georgia James Turner, Detroit American Archie Hinton, Georgia
1968 Detroit, Michigan Charlie Carter, Georgia Carl Smith, Chicago Ben White, Detroit American Pierce Towns, Georgia Walter Hall, Berston/Flint
1967 Detroit, Michigan Carl Smith, Chicago George Lyons, Cleveland James Shell, Georgia Howard Jackson, Georgia Michael Jordan, Georgia
1966 Detroit, Michigan George Sykes, Detroit American George Sykes, Detroit American Rembert Ford, Detroit American Howard Jackson, Georgia Michael Jordan, Georgia


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