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Pool safety cameras are video monitoring or recording systems designed to improve safety, such as by reducing drowning deaths, injuries, or criminal activity, in public and private pools, waterparks, thermal baths[1], or spa facilities.[2][3] Manufacturers include SwimEye, AngelEye, Argusmatik, Poseidon, and Zwembadcamera.


Aquatics video monitoring systems are broken into two categories:

  • Passive
  • Active

Passive systems provide lifeguards with views of below water swimmer activity and behaviour. The views are displayed at the lifeguard position/chair allowing them to incorporate them into their 10:20 scan to help with early identification of an incident developing or abnormal events occurring. They are primarily a means of addressing the physical limitations of viewing through glare and into blind spots in the swimming pool tank. They are designed to make the lifeguard's job easier. Active systems are designed to further help lifeguards in an attempt to address the physical limitations imposed by the human factor.

Monitoring systems are further broken into three broad classes:

  • Surveillance for safety and security
  • Remote monitoring
  • Computer-aided drowning detection.

Surveillance for safety and security[edit]

Viewing aids are typically underwater video cameras for lifeguards to see various views underwater simultaneously from a single location[4][5]. They can be used for all types of swimming pools. Cameras can view areas which would otherwise be obstructed. These passive systems while providing additional vision for the lifeguards can also distract them from scanning the pool because of the moving images on the monitor next to them. All cameras are recorded in real-time and the below water cameras are normally paired with above water cameras providing face-to-body matching if there is an incident where a swimmer needs to be identified but may not show their face below the water, for example pedophilia [6][7][8][9], or other offenses [10][11], or to limit or safeguard from financial liability[12].


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