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OriginLos Angeles, California, United States
GenresDance, daytime disco, chillwave
Years active2010-present
LabelsPacific Standard Records [1]
WebsiteOfficial website
MembersJeffrey Paradise
Past membersFilip Nikolic

Poolside is an American "Daytime Disco" band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2010 by Jeffrey Paradise and Filip Nikolic. Following Nikolic's departure in 2017,[2] the band currently consists of Jeffrey Paradise with additional members for live shows Vito Roccoforte (The Rapture), Mattie Safer (The Rapture), Brijean Murphy (Toro y Moi) and Casey Butler (Pharaohs).[3][4]

The band has performed at high profile festivals like FYF (2013), Primavera Sound (2013), and Coachella (2014). Poolside took a four year break from touring, returning in 2018 with their current lineup and have since toured the US and performed at high profiles festivals like Outside Lands (2018), Okeechobee (2018), Grandoozy (2018) and Life Is Beautiful (2018) in support of their sophomore record Heat (2017).[5] Poolside released their third record Low Season on February 7, 2020.[6]


Formation & Early Years (2004-2011)[edit]

In 2004, San Francisco DJ Jeffrey Paradise met Filip Nikolic (at the time bassist for Junior Senior) at Frisco Disco, one of Paradise's parties in San Francisco.[7] Nikolic then spent time touring with Paradise Boys, a collaboration between Jeffrey Paradise and Bertie Pearson. [8] A year later Nikolic came out to Los Angeles for a few months and the two gathered together in the studio to have fun and make a few songs.[9] In 2006, the duo set out to make a disco influenced project; however, they were busy with other projects and their work “never got too serious.”[9]

Poolside's debut single "Do You Believe" was released in 2011[10] and positively received by peers Todd Terje, Dimitri From Paris, and The Magician,[11] and Dazed & Confused praised the song for its "pop-tinged disco, brimming with optimistic vocals and retro acid synths,"[12] while NME lauded its "supremely casual decadence."[13] Later in 2011 LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy put Poolside into greater public notoriety by frequently incorporating their cover of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" into his dj sets.[14] [15]

The duo released their second single “Take Me Home” in October 2011 followed by a video released on Scion Audio Visual on November 2011.[16] The song was used as the first song on Aeroplane's In Flight Entertainment compilation.[17]

Pacific Standard Time (2012)[edit]

On July 9, 2012, Poolside released their debut album Pacific Standard Time.[18] The album was put together with no serious goal in mind, only to make groovy, daytime disco. Album track "Slow Down" was named "Best New Track" by Pitchfork,[19] and Pitchfork called the album "a disco album that slinks along with the urgency of a teenager on the first day of summer vacation."[20]

Heat (2017)[edit]

On June 20, 2017, Poolside released their second album Heat.[5] On Heat, the band "kept the same core ideas and expanded the pallet [they] worked with – the instruments, percussions, tempos, sounds, etc – but [they] definitely turned up the heat a bit more on some songs with more upbeat tempos, spread out into some more lush electronic vibes, and [they] didn’t shy away from our more guitar based influences that were mostly hiding on the first album."[21] The band performed album track "Everything Goes" for the first time at Outside Lands in San Francisco on August 11, 2018.[22]

Low Season (2020)[edit]

On February 7, 2020, Poolside released their third album Low Season.[23] It was preceded by the singles "Can't Stop Your Lovin' (feat. Panama)" and "Around The Sun (feat. Amo Amo)", the latter of which was named a "Song You Need To Know" by Rolling Stone.[24] Low Season is the first Poolside album produced solely by Jeffrey Paradise following the departure of Filip Nikolic in 2017. [25] In 2020, Poolside also released a cover of the Grateful Dead's "Shakedown Street" to mark the 25th anniversary of Jerry Garcia's passing. [26]



  • Pacific Standard Time / Day & Night Recordings (July 9, 2012)[18][20]
  • Heat (June 20, 2017)
  • Low Season (February 7, 2020)

Singles & EPs[edit]

  • "Do You Believe" / Future Classic
  • "Take Me Home" / In-Flight Entertainment compilation / Eskimo /N.E.W.S. (October 24, 2011)
  • "Scion A/V Presents: Poolside - Only Everything" single (2012)[27]
  • "If We Make It" (2015)
  • "And The Sea" (July 20, 2016)
  • "Everything Goes" (2017)
  • "Feel Alright" (2018)
  • "Which Way To Paradise (Remixes)" (2018)
  • "Can’t Stop Your Lovin’" (featuring Panama) (2019)
  • "Greatest City" (2019)
  • "Around The Sun" (featuring Amo Amo) (2020)
  • "Getting There From Here" (with Todd Edwards) (2020)
  • "Shakedown Street" (Grateful Dead cover) (2020)
  • "I’m In Love With You" (with NEIL FRANCES) (2020)
  • "I Feel High" (with DRAMA) (2021)


  • "Day & Night" (2011)
  • "Night People" (2011)
  • "Fall Back" (2012)
  • "Seasons Change" (2012)
  • "Stir It Up" (2014)
  • "Contact High" (2016)



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