Poon Saan

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Shops in Poon Saan.
Poon Saan in the evening.

Poon Saan is the second largest town on Christmas Island, an external territory of Australia. Ethnic Chinese make up the majority of inhabitants.[1] In Cantonese, Poon Saan (半山, Jyutping: bun3 saan1) means "halfway up the hill".[2] The architecture of Poon Saan reflects the Chinese heritage of the majority of residents in being Singapore style units, rather than the Western style common in Flying Fish Cove.[1]

The Java sparrow has become established on the island with populations near Poon Saan.[3]


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Coordinates: 10°25′30.28″S 105°41′06.31″E / 10.4250778°S 105.6850861°E / -10.4250778; 105.6850861