Poon Saan

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Shops in Poon Saan.
Poon Saan in the evening.

Poon Saan is a small settlement on Christmas Island, an external territory of Australia. Ethnic Chinese make up the majority of inhabitants.[1] In Cantonese, Poon Saan (半山, Jyutping: bun3 saan1) means "halfway up the hill".[2] The architecture of Poon Saan reflects the Chinese heritage of the majority of residents in being Singapore style units, rather than the Western style common in the Settlement.[1]

Poon Saan is the second largest settlement on Christmas Island. The Java sparrow has become established on the island with populations near Poon Saan.[3]


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Coordinates: 10°25′30.28″S 105°41′06.31″E / 10.4250778°S 105.6850861°E / -10.4250778; 105.6850861