Poonch River

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Poonch River

The Poonch River (or Punch River) is a tributary of the Jhelum River flowing through Jammu and Kashmir, India and Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan. It originates in the south-facing foothills of Pir Panjal range, in the areas of Neel-Kanth Gali and Jamian Gali. It is called 'Siran' (Suran) in this area. It flows south and then west until reaching the Poonch town, after which it bends southwest, finally draining into the Mangla Lake near Chomukh. The towns of Poonch, Sehra, Tatta Pani, Kotli and Mirpur are situated on the banks of this river.[1]

The Poonch River has several tributaries: Mandi, Nimbal Katha, Darungli, Betaar, Ranguri, Rangar, Menthar, Nail, Baan, Mahuli, and Khad.

The Mughal Road from Shopian circles around the origin of the Poonch River and runs along its banks.


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