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PoorMan Icon.png
Haiku PoorMan.png
Written in C / C++
Operating system BeOS like
Type Lightweight web-server
License MIT
Website http://www.haiku-os.org/

PoorMan is a simple, light-weight web server bundled with the BeOS and Haiku operating system.

PoorMan lets users create and run websites, It also knows how to serve html pages, graphics, and other Web-based information with minimal set up and hassle. It's ideal for small, personal servers and for prototyping Web sites. To use PoorMan, users must set up a website folder from which PoorMan will serve pages (in HTML format).

Setting up PoorMan [1][edit]

1. Launch PoorMan on the desktop, an alert will pop-up that will let you specify the folder you want to use, or you can choose the default (/boot/home/public_html).

2. After you dismiss the Web site alert, PoorMan's main window appears. Below the menu bar, the Status line will tell you if the Web server is running or stopped.

3.To toggle the status, you can use the Server command in Controls > Run Server command. (Notice that PoorMan starts your Web server automatically by default.)


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