Poor Boy's Game

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Poor Boy's Game
Directed by Clement Virgo
Produced by Clement Virgo
Chaz Thorne
Damon D'Oliveira
Written by Clement Virgo
Chaz Thorne
Starring Rossif Sutherland
Release dates
February 11, 2007 (2007-02-11)
Running time
104 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Poor Boy's Game is a Canadian feature film directed by Clement Virgo. Co-written with Nova Scotian writer/director Chaz Thorne (Just Buried), it is the story of class struggle, racial tensions and boxing, set in the Canadian east coast port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The film premiered on February 11, 2007, at the Berlin International Film Festival. The movie stars Danny Glover, Rossif Sutherland, Greg Bryk, Flex Alexander and Laura Regan.

Poor Boy's Game opened in Halifax cinemas on November 9, 2007.

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