Poor Tom Is Cold

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Poor Tom Is Cold
Based on Poor Tom Is Cold by Maureen Jennings
Written by Janet MacLean
Directed by Michael DeCarlo
Starring Peter Outerbridge
Colm Meaney
Keeley Hawes
Flora Montgomery
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Scott Garvie
Laura Harbin
Christina Jennings
Virginia Rankin
Production company(s) Shaftesbury Films & Original Pictures
Original release September 12, 2004
Preceded by Except the Dying
Followed by Under the Dragon's Tail

Poor Tom Is Cold is 2004 made-for-TV film starring Peter Outerbridge, Colm Meaney, Keeley Hawes and Flora Montgomery. The second film to feature the character of William Murdoch and his unique ways of doing detective work, the film is based on the novel by Maureen Jennings of the same name,[1] and was directed by Michael DeCarlo from a screenplay by Janet Maclean.


Constable Oliver Wicken (Philip Graeme) is found dead, in the basement of an abandoned house, shot through the head. While the rest of the police department believes he committed suicide, William Murdoch (Peter Outerbridge) thinks otherwise and sets out to prove that his friend and protégé was murdered.

While investigating Wicken's death, Murdoch comes across some interesting facts the late constable had kept hidden. He discovers that Wicken was secretly engaged and had been working closely with a mysterious blond woman before his death.

Murdoch uses new but unproven technique called "fingerprinting", to get fingerprints off the gun. With the help of Dr. Odgen, Murdoch proves that Wicken was actually murdered and catches the killer.



All three Murdoch films were released on DVD in a boxed set on November 11, 2008.
On March 3, 2015, Acorn Media announced a re-release for all three movies, set for May 26, 2015.[2]


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