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Farahdokht Abbasi Taghani (Persian: فرح‌دخت عباسی طاقانی‎) known by the stage name Pooran (Persian: پوران‎) was a Persian pop and classical singer.

Pooran was born in 1934.

She was one of the most popular singers of her homeland in 1950 till 1970s. Her most famous work is "Gol Oumad, Bahar Oumad", melody by Majid Vafadar, which was performed for the Persian new year.

In 1950s Pouran married Abbas Shapouri, violinist and songwriter. Most of her works were written by Shapouri in this period. After the divorce in 1968 Pouran married Habib Roshanzadeh, a famous sport crtitic at Radio Tehran.

Pouran also acted in many Persian films such as Bigharar, directed by Iraj Ghaderi.

Following the 1979 Islamic Revolution Pouran moved to the United States with her children, Unfortunately, she got cancer in 1980s and shortly after her return to Iran in 1990 she passed away.

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