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OwnerPro Plus d.o.o. (CME)
Sister channelsKanal A, KINO, BRIO, OTO
Launched7 July 1995 (test broadcast)
15 December 1995 (formal launch)

Pop TV is a Slovenian generalist television channel operated by Pro Plus d.o.o., a subsidiary of Central European Media Enterprises (CME), which is in turn owned by Czech investment company PPF.

News programs[edit]

POP TV's current news programming consists of the main 24UR ("24Hours") News, 24UR popoldne ("24Hours Afternoon"), 24UR zvečer ("24Hours at Night"), 24UR Vreme ("24Hours Weather") and Preverjeno! ("Confirmed!").

Within 24UR, the following segments are currently airing: "POP IN", "Vizita" ("Medical visit"), "24UR Inšpektor" ("24Hours Inspector") and "24UR Fokus" ("24Hours Focus").


The current hosts of the show are two hosting pairs: Darja Zgonc & Edi Pucer, and Jani Muhič & Petra Krčmar. Weekdays the show is hosted by one pair and the pairs exchange each week. Weekend shows are hosted by individual hosts from each pair.

The show is criticized as having a left-wing bias. It is often accused by the Slovenian right-wing party SDS to not report about the Slovenian "underground" political corruption that SDS believes to come from many former members of the Slovenian Communist Party that ruled during the era of socialism in Slovenia and according to this conspiracy theory still has a huge influence on Slovenian state-owned companies and left-wing political parties.

24UR's milestones[edit]

POP TV has been airing its main news program, 24UR, since it commenced its official broadcasts on 15 December 1995. In the beginning, the show aired from 7:30 pm to 8 pm, and was hosted by Drago Balažič (sports news by Franci Petek, weather forecast by Miran Trontelj).

From April 1996, Darja Zgonc and Boštjan Lajovic took over the hosting of the show as the first hosting couple. The pair hosted the show between Monday and Thursday. From Friday to Sunday, the show was hosted by Tamara Vonta and Drago Balažič, individually.

In 1997, the show introduced a second hosting pair: Nataša Pirc Musar and Sandi Salkič.

In 1998, the show was redesigned and began 15 minutes earlier, at 7:15 pm.

In September 1999, the show had a 47% audience share, and with it, overcame the main news on TV SLO 1 - the first channel of the public service broadcaster RTV SLO, TV Dnevnik. From that day, 24UR became the most watched news programme in Slovenia. It still holds this title until this day.

Matjaž Tanko, a Slovenian hosting legend, along with Tamara Vonta came as a new hosting pair in January 2001.

From 2003, the show lasts for one full hour, from 7 to 8 pm.

On POP TV's 13th birthday (15 December 2008), the studio and the show's design were updated to the most modern technology available at that time. The show started to air in HD quality and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Segments on 24UR[edit]

POP IN is a segment focusing on news from the world of entertainment and popular culture. It airs from Monday to Friday and is around five minutes long. On Sundays, the segment is 10–15 minutes long. It was introduced in 1996.

Vizita is a medical segment which is running from 1995. It is a five minute long documentary/info segment about health and medicine. It is aired every Friday.

TV Klub ("TV Club") was a debate segment. It aired every Sunday from 2003 onwards and lasted from 10 to 15 minutes. The hosts were Špela Šipek and other 24UR news show hosts. It was replaced by 24UR Fokus in the beginning of 2016.

24UR Inšpektor is a segment, hosted by the same host as the main news show 24UR that day, and lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. It airs weekly every Saturday. It is a segment focusing on investigative journalism. It was introduced in the summer of 2015.

24UR Fokus is a segment focusing on investigative journalism, which replaced TV Klub in the beginning of 2016. The host of the show is the same as the host of 24UR that day. It airs weekly every Sunday and lasts from 10 to 12 minutes.

24UR popoldne was introduced in 2008. It is a 15–20 minute long afternoon news show which airs between 4:45 pm and 5:15 pm on weekdays.

24UR zvečer was introduced in 2007. It is a 15–20 minute long evening news show which airs between 10 pm and 11 pm on weekdays. Currently, the show is hosted by Uroš Slak from Monday to Thursday.

24UR vreme is a weather broadcast lasting for five minutes before the main 24UR news show at 6:55 pm every day. It premiered in 2008.

Every Tuesday, viewers are offered the weekly investigative news show Preverjeno!, which premiered in the autumn of 2001. The show is hosted by Alenka Arko.

The channel also aired a weekly news debate show called Trenja ("Frictions") which ran from the autumn of 2002 to the spring of 2009. The show had guests (usually politicians or political commentators) debating over various topics, ranging from politics to popular culture and taboo topics. The show, which aired every Thursday, was hosted by one of the best known Slovenian journalists and TV hosts, Uroš Slak. After the show was cancelled, Uroš went on to host the daily news show Svet which airs on POP TV's sister channel Kanal A.

24UR ob enih ("24Hours at 1pm") is a one-hour-long show which aired from Monday to Friday at 1 pm. The hosts were the same as the hosts of the main 24UR show. It began airing in the summer of 2010 and was cancelled in 2013 due to financial reasons.

Epilog ("Epilogue"), similar to Trenja, aired between the spring of 2014 and the autumn of 2015. It was hosted by Maja Sodja.

POP TV also hosts 3-4 pre-election debates every Slovenian election year for parliamentary, presidential and local elections. The hosts of the debates are usually the hosts of the main news show.

Entertainment programs[edit]


When POP TV commenced its official broadcasts, it instantly became a go-to channel for entertainment in Slovenia. In the early years, they aired a quiz show called POP Kviz (1996), music show Med prijatelji (1995), and daily breakfast show Dobro jutro, Slovenija (1996) from studios in Ljubljana and Maribor. The channel also broadcast Viktorji (1997-2010), an annual Slovenian awards show for media achievements and accomplishments in popular culture, along with the beauty peagent competition ceremony Miss Slovenija (1996-2010) for Miss World.

In the following years, the channel introduced music shows POP party (1997) and Super POP (1998), shows Pop'N'Roll (1999) and Pod srečno zvezdo (1999), and game show 1, 2, 3, kdo dobi? (1999-2001). Brez zavor / Brez zapor (1997-1998) was a new weekly music talk show in the style of Late Show With David Letterman that premiered in 1997. In 1999, POP TV began to air their first own-produced sitcom, TV dober dan (1999-2002), which was an instant hit, and lasted for six full seasons.


In the beginning of the 21st century, POP TV launched the Slovenian version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, called Lepo je biti milijonar (hosted by Jonas Žnidaršič and later Boštjan Romih) (2000-2005), which lasted for eleven seasons. The sports show for students ŠKL was also introduced.

In the next few years, a new Slovenian drama series Pod eno streho (2002-2004) and a hidden camera show Pazi, kamera! (2003-2004) were introduced. A new locally produced sitcom Trafika (2003) also premiered only one season.

In 2004, POP TV introduced their first reality show. Sanjski moški (2004) was the Slovenian version of The Bachelor, and lasted for one season. In the same year, Naša mala klinika (2004-2007), a new Slovenian sitcom, was introduced and lasted for seven full seasons. The sitcom was watched on average by 300.000 people against 2 million people, which is the population of Slovenia. In the next year, two new reality shows were introduced: Sanjska ženska (2005-2006), a local version of The Bachelorette which lasted for two seasons, and a Slovenian version of reality show The Bar, called Bar (2005-2006), which lasted also for two seasons. A hidden-camera show called Oprostite, prosim!, Vzemi ali pusti (2005-2008), local version of Deal or No Deal and music show Raketa pod kozolcem (2005-2006), also premiered in 2005. POP TV also co-produced a new crime series named Balkan Inc. (2006), with Nova TV and TV Pink.


In 2007, the channel aired the first season of the Slovenian adaptation of the reality show The Farm, Kmetija (2007-2008, 2011, 2017). Three seasons of the show aired, before it was announced again for autumn of 2017, after it aired on POP TV's rival Planet TV between 2014 and 2016, for three seasons. One celebrity season of the show aired, called Kmetija Slavnih (2009). The same year, a show loosely based on the popular American show Saturday Night Live, premiered. Five seasons of A's ti tud not padu?! (2007-2009) were shown. Desetka (2008) was a cooking show introduced in 2008, along with a new Slovenian sitcom called Lepo je biti sosed (2008-2011), which lasted for six seasons.

POP TV brought the popular "Got Talent" series to Slovenia in 2010. The Slovenian version was named Slovenija ima talent (2010-2011, 2013-2016), and broke all viewership records. The finale of the first season was the top-watched show of the last ten years in Slovenia. The show aired for six seasons, until the autumn of 2016, when the last season was on program. In 2010, the channel also launched the celebrity version of Slovenian adaption of Big Brother, called Big Brother Slavnih. Cooking show Ljubezen skozi želodec (2009-2011), Slovenian sitcom Trdoglavci (2011), and Slovenian version of Minute to Win it called Minuta do zmage (2011-2012), were new shows that aired.


In the autumn of 2012, POP TV aired the first and only season of the Slovenian version of the popular singing competition show X Factor, X Faktor Slovenija (2012). In the same year, the new original reality cooking show Gostilna išče šefa (2012-2015) started. Four seasons of the show aired. Two new Slovenian series aired: Čista desetka (2012), a new Slovenian sitcom that aired for two seasons, and Na terapiji (2012), a drama series that had actually premiered on POP TV's new sister channel, POP BRIO, a year before. Another new traveling show called Okrog sveta do srca (2012) was introduced in the same year.

The next year started with Vid in Pero šov (2013-2014), a new comedy show, along with dog training show Pozor, priden pes! (2013-2014). Both lasted for three seasons. In autumn, a second comedy show premiered, called Je bella cesta (2013-2014), which lasted for two seasons. Between 2013 and 2015, POP TV introduced a handful of cooking shows that lasted for between one and three seasons. Those were Zabeljeno po ameriško (2013), Ana kuha (2013-2014), Okusi brez meja (2013-2014), Skriti šef (2014), Gorazdova slaščičarna (2014), Zdravo, Tereza! (2015) and Polona ga žge (2015–present).

In the beginning of 2014, the channel aired a new Slovenian sitcom Mamin dan (2014), which lasted for one season. The Slovenian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar called Znan obraz ima svoj glas (2014–present), also premiered and is currently in its fourth season. TOP 4 s Tjašo Kokalj (2014-2015), a beauty/business reality show, moved from Kanal A to POP TV, and aired for two more seasons. Vrtičkanje, a gardening show, also premiered, and aired its fourth season in 2017.

In the spring of 2015, POP TV introduced two new reality shows: Popolna poroka (2015), a wedding reality show, which lasted for one season, and the Slovenian version of MasterChef series, called MasterChef Slovenija (2015–present), which will air its fourth season in the spring of 2018. It also aired a new wish fulfilling show, Dan najlepših sanj (2015–present), which was in its fourth season as of September 2017. Usodno vino was POP TV's first daily soap opera, was introduced in the autumn of 2015, and aired its fourth and final season in the spring of 2017. The channel also aired the first season of Na žaru: Z Ladom Bizovičarjem (2015-2016), which was later renewed for its second season, in the summer of 2017. The show is based on the popular comedy Roast. The third episode of this show, where popular Slovenian comedians and TV personalities roasted the current president of Republic of Slovenia - Borut Pahor, was the second best watched show in the last fifteen years on Slovenian television channels.


POP TV began the year with the richest home production season in the channel's history. New seasons of previously aired shows were announced, along with five new self-produced shows. In the middle of February, the second season of the daily soap opera Usodno vino premiered, and a new family cooking competition show began its run - Moja mama kuha bolje!. Dan najlepših sanj returned to its channel in the end of February for second season. New seasons of Polona ga žge and Vrtičkanje started airing again. The third season of the beloved music competition show Znan obraz ima svoj glas began on March 6. The new locally produced sitcom Takle mamo was introduced, but was moved to the autumn of 2016 after only four episodes aired. In the middle of March, the second season of MasterChef Slovenija began airing. This season had eight celebrity and eight regular contestants. On Friday of the same week, a new reality show was introduced - Bitka parkov. Two new shows, Delovna akcija and Hipnoza: Dobra zabava are yet to be introduced to the program.

Announced shows

POP TV started collecting applications for the first season of the Slovenian version of the popular reality show Survivor, called Survivor Slovenija: Filipini. The show was set to begin on production during the summer, and to air in the autumn of 2016. In the second half of March, POP TV also started collecting applications for Slovenian version of Farmer Wants a Wife, called Ljubezen po domače, which is set to premiere that autumn. In April, the channel started collecting applications for a new original business reality show, Štartaj Slovenija, where people can present their new products that they made. If their product was chosen as the product with the most potential to be a hit on the market, they would be given a free promotion on all PRO PLUS channels, and a one-year selling contract with Slovenian branch of Spar retail chain. POP TV also announced that they would air the Slovenian version of Strictly Come Dancing, called Zvezde plešejo, in the autumn of 2016. In May, applications for the sixth season of Slovenian version of the "Got Talent" series - Slovenija ima talent - were opened.

Sport programs[edit]

Between 1997 and 2010, POP TV broadcast Formula One races. The commentator was Miran Ališič, who is very recognizable for his voice. In 2010, RTV SLO bought the rights for the broadcast.

In 2002, POP TV broadcast the matches of 2002 World Cup in collaboration with its sister channel Kanal A.

In March 1996, POP TV started to air a weekly sports talkshow Športna scena ("Sport Scene"). The show was hosted by Stane Kavčič, Bogdan Barovič and co-host Vesna Dolen. In February of the next year, the hosting was taken over by Gašper Bolhar and Nataša Briški. In August 1997, Bolhar left the show. Until 2003, Briški hosted the show alone for six years. In 2003, she was replaced by Miran Tišič who hosted the show for three more years, until 2006, when the show was cancelled. Among other popular athletes, the show's guests included Mika Häkkinen, 1998 and 1999 Formula 1 Champion in September 1999.

Foreign programs[edit]


POP TV airs top Hollywood blockbusters from all major film studios (20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures and Columbia Pictures) and movies of Slovenian and former Yugoslavian production.


POP TV airs top series of American and European production, mainly focusing on Hollywood produced series.

House, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Lost, Sex and the City, Dirty Sexy Money, Monk, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, ER, Friends, Kommisar Rex, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Grey's Anatomy, Ally McBeal, Fringe, Ugly Betty, Burn Notice, The Mentalist, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Downton Abbey, Castle, Bones, and The Blacklist are some hit series that have aired on the channel.

The Oprah Winfrey Show, Rachael Ray, The Jerry Springer Show, Ricki Lake and Dr. Oz Show are popular American shows that have aired on the channel.

Soap operas / telenovelas[edit]

In 1997, the channel started to air a Mexican telenovela, Esmeralda. The series was a huge hit and from then on, the weekday afternoons on the channel have been reserved for telenovelas.

The channel airs soap operas from many South American countries, Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Germany, Austria and Croatia.

Animated series and children's shows[edit]

In 2002, POP TV launched its first cartoon block called Ringa-raja on weekend mornings. The program lasted until 2010 when it was renamed to Moj-Moj. In 2013, the name of the block was changed again, to Oto čira čara. The block has that name until this day.

SpongeBob SquarePants, Ben 10, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Bob the Builder, Winx Club, Roary the Racing Car, Power Rangers, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and LazyTown are some of the many cartoons and kids' shows that aired in the cartoon blocks on POP TV.

Special films[edit]

November 15, 2021 they are Spirit Untamed and Peter Rabbit 2[citation needed]

Current programming (July 2022)[edit]

Nationally created shows[edit]

Original title Format Day
24ur daily news every day
24ur popoldne afternoon news weekdays
24ur zvečer nightly news weekdays
24ur vreme weather broadcast every day
Preverjeno current affairs magazine Tuesday
Eurojackpot lottery drawing Tuesday and Friday

Nationally created series[edit]

Title Format Day
sl: Sekirca v med soap opera weekdays

Internationally created series[edit]

Original title Slovenian title Day Country
Galaxy Park Junaki zabaviščnega parka weekdays Belgium
Lethal Weapon Smrtonosno orožje Monday - Thursday United States
House of Cards Hiša iz kart Monday - Thursday United States
Vikings Vikingi Monday - Thursday Canada
Republic of Ireland
Gotham Gotham Monday - Thursday United States
Night Shift Nočna izmena Monday - Thursday United States
Chicago Fire Gasilci v Chicagu Monday - Thursday United States
The Starter Wife Sveže ločena weekends United States
Die Bergretter Gorski reševalec weekends Germany

Internationally created shows[edit]

There are no internationally created shows currently being broadcast on POP TV.

Internationally created telenovelas / soap operas[edit]

Original title Slovenian title Day Country
Marido en alquiler Zmorem sama weekdays United States
Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları Pohlepna gospa Fazilet weekdays Turkey
La mujer del Vendaval Dedinja Vendavala weekdays Mexico
Siyah Beyaz Ask Lepotica in zver weekdays Turkey

Internationally created animated series[edit]

Original title Slovenian title Dates Day Country
Tickety Toc Tika taka ? Weekdays United States
United Kingdom
South Korea
Maya the Bee Čebelica Maja Germany
United States
United Kingdom
Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman March 13, 2021 Weekends United States
Super Wings Super krila ? Weekdays United States
South Korea
Parker Baskup - Tony Parker Pod košem France
Poko Poko Canada
Winx Club Winx klub Italy
Conni Kaja Weekends Germany
Vic the Viking Viking Viki France
Oddbods Oddbods United Kingdom
Horrid Henry Grozni Gašper United Kingdom
Phineas and Ferb Phineas in Ferb United States
Peter Pan Peter Pan France
Pinkalicious & Peterrific Rozailla May 31, 2021 United States
Molly of Denali Molly iz Denalija November 15, 2021
Nini Patalol Nina in prijatelji ? France
Regal Academy Kraljevska akademija Italy
Le Ranch Skrivnostni ranč France
Ben 10 Ben 10 United States
Yo-Kai Watch Čudežna ura Yo Kai Japan
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja želve United States

Primetime schedule (week of 8–14 April 2019)[edit]

Day 6:00 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:30 pm 9:00 pm 9:30 pm 10:00 pm 10:30 pm
Monday Ko zadiši ljubezen
Turkish drama series
daily news
Reka ljubezni
4th season Slovenian soap opera
Gorski zdravnik
Der Bergdoktor
Germany series
24UR zvečer
evening news
Lethal Weapon
American action series
Tuesday Ko zadiši ljubezen
Turkish drama series
daily news
Reka ljubezni
4th season Slovenian soap opera
Gorski zdravnik
Der Bergdoktor
Germany series
current affairs magazine
Wednesday Ko zadiši ljubezen
Turkish drama series
daily news
Reka ljubezni
4th season Slovenian soap opera
MasterChef Slovenia
5th season Slovenian version of MasterChef series
24UR zvečer
evening news
Chicago Fire
American action series
Thursday Ko zadiši ljubezen
Turkish drama series
daily news
Reka ljubezni
4th season Slovenian soap opera
MasterChef Slovenia
5th season Slovenian version of MasterChef series
24UR zvečer
evening news
Friday Ko zadiši ljubezen
Turkish drama series
daily news
Ljubezen po domače
3rd season of the Slovenian version of Farmer Wants a Wife series
evening movie
Saturday Preverjeno
current affairs magazine (repetition)
daily news
Ljubezen po domače
3rd season of the Slovenian version of Farmer Wants a Wife series
Delavna akcija
2nd season Slovenian version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition series
evening movie
Sunday Mali Šef Slovenije
cooking show
daily news
Zvezde plešejo
3rd season of the Slovenian version of Dancing with the Stars series

Upcoming shows (January 2019)[edit]

Nationally created shows[edit]

Title Format Launch
Reka ljubezni 4th season of the Slovenian soap opera spring 2019
Zvezde plešejo 3rd season of the Slovenian version of Dancing with the Stars series spring 2019
Ljubezen po domače 3rd season of the Slovenian version of Farmer Wants a Wife series spring 2019
MasterChef Slovenija 5th season Slovenian version of MasterChef series spring 2019
Mali šef Slovenije 1th season Slovenian version of ? spring 2019
Delovna akcija 2nd season Slovenian version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition series spring 2019
Najini mostovi 1th season of the Slovenian soap opera autumn 2019
Znan obraz ima svoj glas 5th season of singing competition show autumn 2019
Kmetija 8th regular season of the Slovenian verson of The Farm series autumn 2019
Štartaj Slovenija 4th season of business reality show autumn 2019
Dan najlepših sanj 6th season of wish fulfilling show autumn 2019


Titles Titles in Slovenia Air dates
Clifford the Big Red Dog (2019) Clifford Veliki rdeči pes October 7, 2022
Alma's Way Alma Pot
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum October 8, 2022
Hero Elementary
The VeggieTales Show TBA October 12, 2022
Donkey Hodie Fall 2022
Rosie's Rules TBA TBA

Past programming (July 2022)[edit]

Nationally created shows[edit]

Reality shows[edit]

Show English translation Original version Seasons Format Aired Presenter(s) Notes
Ljubezen po domače Love Peasant's Way Farmer Wants a Wife 2 love reality show 2017(1)
Anja Postružnik Koren
Zvezde plešejo Stars are Dancing Strictly Come Dancing 2 dancing competition show 2017(1)
Peter Poles & Tara Zupančič
Suvivor Slovenija: Filipini Survivor Slovenia: Philippines Survivor 1 reality show 2016(1) Miran Stanovnik
Štartaj Slovenija Start Slovenia original format 3 business reality show 2016(1)
Matija Goljar
MasterChef Slovenija MasterChef Slovenia MasterChef 4 cooking show 2015(1)
no presenter(s)
Popolna poroka Perfect Wedding original format 1 reality competition show 2015(1) Boštjan Romih
Znan obraz ima svoj glas Familiar Face Has Its Voice Your Face Sounds Familiar 4 music show 2014(1)
Denis Avdić
TOP 4 s Tjašo Kokalj TOP 4 With Tjaša Kokalj original format 2 (3) beauty/business show 2014(2)
Tjaša Kokalj first season aired on sister channel Kanal A
Gostilna išče šefa Restaurant Is Searching For Boss original format 4 cooking reality show 2012(1)
Lili Žagar (1-3)
Boštjan Romih (4)
X Faktor X Factor X Factor 1 talent show 2012 Vid Valič & Peter Poles
Slovenija ima talent Slovenia's Got Talent Got Talent 7 talent show 2010(1)
Vid Valič & Peter Poles (1-2 & 4-5)
Jože Robežnik & Matej Puc (3)
Vid Valič & Domen Valič (6)
Domen Vačlič & Sašo Stare (7)
Big Brother Slavnih Celebrity Big Brother Big Brother 1 reality show 2010 Nina Osenar regular seasons are airing on Kanal A
Kmetija Slavnih Celebrity Farm The Farm 1 reality show on farm 2009 Anja Križnik Tomažin celebrity season of The Farm
Kmetija The Farm The Farm 5 reality show on farm 2007(1)
Špela Močnik (1-2)
Lili Žagar (3)
Natalija Bratkovič (4,5)
third season of the show was called "Kmetija išče lastnika". / "The Farm Is Searching For an Owner"

from 2014 to 2016, The Farm moved to POP TV's rival channel Planet TV for three seasons, with an undertitle "Nov začetek" / New Beginning
Bar The Bar The Bar 2 reality show in a bar 2005 (1)
2006 (2)
Bastjan Kepic
Sanjska ženska The Woman Of Your Dreams The Bachelorette 2 dating reality show 2005 (1)
2006 (2)
Robert Erjavec
Sanjski moški The Man Of Your Dreams The Bachelor 1 dating reality show 2004 Robert Erjavec

Game shows[edit]

Show English translation Original version Seasons Format Aired Presenter(s) Notes
Hipnoza: Dobra zabava Hypnosis: Good Fun You're Back in the Room 1 game show 2017 (1) Boštjan Romih /
Bitka parov The Battle Of The Couples Power Couple 1 game show 2016 (1) Klemen Bučan /
Minuta do zmage Minute to Victory Minute To Win It 3 game show 2011 (1 & 2)
2012 (3)
Bojan Emeršič /
Vzemi ali pusti Take It Or Leave It Deal or No Deal 7 game show 2005-2008 Bojan Emeršič /
Lepo je biti milijonar - Kviz z Jonasom

Lepo je biti milijonar
It's Nice To Be A Millionaire Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 11 quiz show 2000-2005 Jonas Žnidaršič (1-3)
Boštjan Romih (4-5)
Jonas Žnidaršič, the first presenter, was named one of the best presenters of the show in the World

the show moved to RTV SLO and was renamed to "Milijonar". The first episode was on 1 March 2007, and was once again hosted by Jonas. It was cancelled after only one season on 1 January 2008.
1,2,3, kdo dobi? 1,2,3, Who Will Win? original format ? game show 1998-2001 Robert Erjavec & Saša Einsidler /
Pop kviz Pop Quiz original format ? quiz show 1996 Janez Dolinar
Saša Einsidler

News / documentary shows[edit]

Show English translation Seasons Format Aired Presenter(s) Notes
Epilog Epilogue 4 debate news/documentary show 2014 (1 & 2)
2015 (3 & 4)
Maja Sodja
24UR ob enih 24HOURS At 1 pm / an hour long news show 2010-2013 24UR show hosts
Trenja Friction / debate news/documentary show 2002-2009 Uroš Slak
Preverjeno! Confirmed! 14 news/documentary magazine 2001–present Alenka Arko A Croatian version of the show also airs on Nova TV, called Provjereno!.
Športna scena Sport Scene around 10 sports debate news show 1996-2006 Stane Kavčič & Bogdan Barovič (1996)

Gašper Bolhar (1997)

Nataša Briški (1997-2003)

Miran Tišič (2003-2006)
Argument Argument / debate show 1996 Drago Balažič
Športni krog Sports Circle / sports news show 1996 ?
Obraz tedna Face Of The Week / documentary magazine 1995 Zoran Turk

Comedy shows[edit]

Show English translation Seasons Format Aired Presenter(s) Notes
Je bella cesta It's A White Road 2 sketch music show 2013 (1)
2014 (2)
Klemen Slakonja /
Vid in Pero Šov Vid & Pero Show 3 comedy music talk show 2013 (1 & 2)
2014 (3)
Vid Valič & Peter Poles /
As ti tud not padu?! Did You Also Fall In It?! 5 comedy music talk show 2007 (1)
2008 (2 & 3)
2009 (4 & 5)
Jurij Zrnec & Lado Bizovičar This show is loosely based on Saturday Night Live.
Oprostite, prosim! Excuse Me Please! 1 hidden camera talk show 2005 Saša Einsidler This show is loosely based on the British show Remotely Funny.
Brez zavor /
Brez zapor
Without Brakes/
Without Obstruction
? music talk show 1997-1998 Jonas Žnidaršič This show is loosely based on Late Show with David Letterman.

Cooking shows[edit]

Show English translation Seasons Format Aired Presenter(s) Notes
Moja mama kuha bolje! My Mum Cooks Better! 2 family cooking competition show 2016 (1 & 2) Jan Bučar Slovenian version of Mi madre cocina mejor que la tuya
Zdravo, Tereza! Hello, Tereza! 3 vegan cooking show 2015 (1)
2017 (2)
2018 (3)
Tereza Poljanič The show was filmed in New Zealand, where Tereza is living.
Polona ga žge Polona Roasts It 2 family cooking show 2015 (1)
2016 (2)
Polona Požgan /
Gorazdova slaščičarna Gorazd's Confectionary 1 dessert cooking show 2014 Gorazd Potočnik /
Skriti šef Hidden Chef 1 celebrity cooking show 2014 no presenter(s) This show is the Slovenian version of The Restaurant.
Okusi brez meja Flavours Without Borders 2 cooking show 2013 (1)
2014 (2)
Matevž Slokar & Joe Gray /
Ana kuha Ana Cooks 3 cooking show 2013 (1 & 2)
2014 (3)
Ana Žontar Kristanc /
Zabeljeno po ameriško Seasoned American Way 1 cooking show 2013 Cassie Parsons & Lenny Russo /
Ljubezen skozi želodec Love Through The Stomach 4 family cooking show 2009 (1)
2010 (2 & 3)
2011 (4)
Luka Novak & Valentina Smej Novak /
Desetka Ten 2 cooking show 2008 (1 & 2) Urban Demšar & Boštjan Napotnik /

Special events[edit]

Show English translation Seasons Format Aired Presenter(s) Notes
Na žaru: Z Ladom Bizovičarjem Roast: With Lado Bizovičar 2 (6 episodes) roast comedy event 2015-2016 (1)
2017 (1)
Lado Bizovičar This show is based on the popular comedy Roast.
Moto GP Moto GP races 4 sport event 2007-2010 Gaber Keržišnik moved to Kanal A after the 2010 season
Viktorji Viktor Awards 14 Annual Slovenian awards for media achievements and accomplishments in popular culture 1997-2010 various presenters moved to RTV SLO after the 2009 awards
Formula 1 Formula 1 races 15 sport event 1996-2010 Miran Ališič moved to RTV SLO after the 2010 season
Miss Slovenije Miss Slovenia for Miss World ceremony 15 beauty pageant ceremony 1996-2010 various presenters /

Other shows[edit]

Show English translation Seasons Format Aired Presenter(s) Notes
Delovna akcija Working Action 1 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2018 (1) Ana Praznik /
Avto karaoke Car Karaoke 1 Carpool Karaoke 2017 (1) Lado Bizovičar /
Dan najlepših sanj Day Of The Most Beautiful Dreams 5 wish fulfilling show 2015 (1)
2016 (2 & 3)
2017 (4)
2018 (5)
Peter Poles /
Vrtičkanje Gardening 5 gardening show 2014 (1)
2015 (2 & 3)
2017 (4)
2018 (5)
Metka & Tina /
Pozor, priden pes! Caution, Good Dog! 3 show about disciplining pet dogs 2013 (1 & 2)
2014 (3)
Jure Pribičević & David Pogačnik /
Okrog sveta do srca Around The World To The Heart 1 trip documentary 2012 Nina Ivanič /
Raketa pod kozolcem Rocket Under Hayrack ? Slovenian traditional music (polka) show 2006 Boštjan Romih /
ŠKL School Basketball League 11 sports show 2000-2010 various presenters moved to Kanal A in 2011
Pod srečno zvezdo Under Lucky Star ? show 1999-? Saša Einsidler & Robert Erjavec /
Pop'n'Roll Pop'N'Roll ? show 1999-? Janja Sodja /
Super POP Super POP ? Slovenian version of Wetten, dass..? 1998 Stojan Auer /
POP party POP Party ? music show 1997-? Anja Rupel /
Dobro jutro, Slovenija Good Morning, Slovenia ? morning show 1996-? Katja Tratnik /
Med prijatelji Among Friends ? traditional Slovenian (polka) music show 1995-? Betka Šuhel /
POP 30 POP 30 ? music show 1995-? Janja Sodja & Igor Oblak /


Title English translation Genre Seasons Aired Notes
Reka ljubezni River Of Love soap opera 3 2017 (1)
2018 (2 & 3)
Takle mamo It's Like This sitcom 1 2016 the series is a Slovenian adaptation of Spanish sitcom Scènes de ménages. and was filmed in Croatia, where "Samo ti pričaj", Croatian version of the same sitcom, was also filmed
Usodno vino Fatal Wine soap opera 4 2015 (1)
2016 (2 & 3)
2017 (4)
the series is a Slovenian adaptation of very successful Slovakian soap opera called "Búrlivé víno", which is airing on Markíza
Mamin dan Mum's Day sitcom 1 2014 the series is a Slovenian adaptation of Israeli sitcom "Mother's Day"
Čista desetka Perfect Ten sitcom 2 2012 (1 & 2) /
Na terapiji On Therapy drama 1 2012 The series premiered in autumn of 2011 on POP TV's sister channel POP BRIO, and it's a Slovenian adaptation of the Israeli series BeTipul.
Trdoglavci Hardheads sitcom 1 2011 The series was cancelled after first season due to high production costs.
Lepo je biti sosed It's Nice To Be A Neighbour sitcom 6 2008 (1)
2009 (2 & 3)
2010 (4 & 5)
2011 (6)
The first three seasons of the series are the Slovenian adaptation of Slovakian sitcom Susedia, which was airing on Markíza.
Balkan Inc. Balkan Inc. crime 1 2006 The series was made in co-production with Croatian Nova TV and Serbian TV Pink.
Naša mala klinika Our Little Clinic sitcom 7 2004 (1)
2005 (2 & 3)
2006 (4 & 5)
2007 (6 & 7)
Croatian (for Nova TV) and Serbian (for B92) versions of this series were filmed in the same studio, by the same crew and director Branko Đurić.
Trafika The Newsstand sitcom 1 2003 /
Pod eno streho Under One Roof drama, sitcom 4 2002 (1)
2003 (2 & 3)
2004 (4)
TV dober dan TV Good Day sitcom 6 1999 (1)
2000 (2 & 3)
2001 (4 & 5)
2002 (6)
The series was adapted by Nova TV for Croatia, where it was called Bumerang.

Canceled nationally created shows[edit]

  • Zamenjajmo ženi (Slovenian version of Wife Swap)
    • 2007
  • Gasilci: Enota 14 (original reality documentary series about firefighters)
    • spring 2015
  • Ste pametnejši od petošolca? (Slovenian version of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?)
    • 2006

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Internationally created shows[edit]


Animated series[edit]

Special programs[edit]



Since 1 December 2010, POP TV programming has been available in the digital (DVB-T) technique. Transmission is, since 14 October 2013, a part of the national digital multiplex called multiplex C. Since 16 January 2017, POP TV has no longer been available via DVB-T.[1]

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