Pop Express

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Pop Express
Cover of the 4th issue, released on March 24, 1969
Editor-in-Chiefs Darko Stuparić
Categories Music magazine
Frequency Twice a month
Publisher Centar za kulturnu djelatnost omladine Zagreba
Year founded 1969
First issue 10 February 1969
Final issue 17 January 1970
Country Yugoslavia
Language Serbo-Croatian

Pop Express was a Yugoslav music magazine.


Pop Express was founded in 1969.[1] It was published by Centar za kulturnu djelatnost omladine Zagreba (Center for Cultural Activity of Zagreb Youth),[1] every second Monday in a month.[2] The magazine Editor-in-Chiefs was Darko Stuparić.[1] The first issue was released on February 10, 1969, and the last, 23rd issue on January 17, 1970.[1]

In an interview for the documentary series Rockovnik, chronicler Vladimir Spičanović said about the magazine:

Journalists and contributors[edit]

Some of the journalists and contributors to Pop Express include:


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