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Pop It! is an interactive television series on for kids ages 6 to 8 years old that offers fun, exercise, and entertainment. Hosted by Briana (11), Shemar (12), and Lamar (13), the three young dancers break down the moves to teach the routines from their original music videos. After the short lessons, kids are invited to dance along to the music with the three stars and their friends.

The show is produced by Hop To It Productions, Inc., in association with TVO and the Bell Fund. It was filmed at the IAOD studios in Toronto. There are 26 episodes. Each episode is 7 minutes long. The show first aired on TVO on September 3, 2007, and on SCN and Knowledge Network.

Host of the show

  • Briana Andrade-Gomes
  • Shemar Charles
  • Lamar Johnson

Minor Dancers

  • Ashley Charles
  • Breanne Charter
  • Sara Kernerman
  • Kelly Lopes
  • Stella Medley
  • Nikki Mele
  • Pedro Rosa

Backup Dancers[edit]

  • Katie Abugov
  • Dixie Campbell
  • D’Nikah Smith
  • Ethan Chin Fook
  • Jamie Hart
  • Linique Jervis

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