Pop Skull

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Pop Skull
Directed by Adam Wingard
Produced by Lane Hughes
E. L. Katz
Peter Katz
Adam Wingard
Written by Lane Hughes
E. L. Katz
Adam Wingard
Music by Justin Leigh
Kyle McKinnon
Cinematography Adam Wingard
Edited by Adam Wingard
Distributed by HALO 8 Entertainment
Running time
86 minutes
Language English
Budget $2,000.00[1]

Pop Skull is an 2007 American horror film directed by Adam Wingard.

In 2003, filmmaker Adam Wingard approached Mexican American actor Lane Hughes with the idea of doing a semi-autobiographical film about a recent breakup. They conceived the film as "one-part psychedelic, one-part horror and one-part romance" and made it for $2,000.00.[1]


The film depicts the lonely and disjointed life of Daniel, a young Alabama pill addict, as his efforts to cope with the trials of his day-to-day life collide with the increasing influence of murderous and displaced spirits that inhabit his home.


  • Brandon Carroll as Jeff
  • Jeff Dylan Graham as Matt Tepper
  • Maggie Henry as Natalie
  • Hannah Hughes as Morgan
  • Lane Hughes as Daniel
  • L.C. Holt as Victor
  • E. L. Katz as Eddie
  • Jennifer Price as Mom
  • Benjamin Riley (as Ben Schmitt) as Himself (Commercial Guy)
  • Debbie Stefanov as Abby
  • Adam Wingard as Raymond


Pop Skull screened at several major film festivals, including the American Film Institute and the Rome Film Festival.[2] It won the jury award at the Boston Underground Film Festival and the Grand Jury Prize at the Indianapolis International Film Festival.

Region Release date Festival
Italy October 7, 2007 Rome Film Festival
Italy October 18, 2007 Rome Film Fest
United States November 2, 2007 American Film Institute[1][3]
New Zealand July 21, 2008 New Zealand International Film Festivals[4]

Critical response[edit]

Reviews were generally enthusiastic. LA Splash said Hughes gave "a truly magnetic Manson vibe the entire time, allowing director Adam Wingard to make great use of the extreme close-up". The Grudge screenwriter Stephen Susco remarked that it was "unlike any horror film you've ever seen - or will ever see..." Variety called the movie "powerful" and suggested it created "a new genre: acid horror."[5]


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