Pop in Q

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Pop in Q
Pop In Q poster.jpeg
Japanese ポッピンQ
Hepburn PoppinQ
Directed by Naoki Miyahara
Screenplay by Shūko Arai
Story by Izumi Todo
Starring Asami Seto
Shiori Izawa
Atsumi Tanezaki
Ari Ozawa
Tomoyo Kurosawa
Music by
  • Hiromi Mizutani
  • Shūji Katayama (Team-MAX)
Cinematography Yutaka Ōnishi
Distributed by Toei
Release date
  • December 23, 2016 (2016-12-23)
Running time
95 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Pop in Q (ポッピンQ, PoppinQ) is a Japanese animated dance film directed by Naoki Miyahara, produced by Toei Animation, written by Shūko Arai and starring Asami Seto, Shiori Izawa, Atsumi Tanezaki, Ari Ozawa, and Tomoyo Kurosawa.[1] It was released in Japan by Toei on December 23, 2016.[2][3]



The film was announced on April 2015.[5] A teaser trailer was released in March 2016.[1]


In March 2016, it was announced in the teaser that the film is scheduled for release in the winter of 2016.[1] A trailer released in July 2016 announced that the film is scheduled for release in January 2017.[4] Another trailer released in September 2016 announced that the film will be released on December 23, 2016. It premiered across 221 theaters in Japan.[4]


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