Pope Celadion of Alexandria

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Celadion of Alexandria
9th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark
Papacy began 16 January 152
Papacy ended 16 July 166
Predecessor Eumenes
Successor Agrippinus
Personal details
Born Alexandria, Egypt
Died 16 July 166
Alexandria, Egypt
Buried Baucalis, Alexandria
Nationality Egyptian
Denomination Coptic Orthodox Christian
Residence Saint Mark's Church
Feast day 16 July (9 Epip in the Coptic Calendar)

Pope Celadion (Keladionus), 9th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark. The people and the Bishops in Alexandria elected Celadion to the Apostolic Throne in the year 152 AD during the reign Antoninus Pius. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt and was much loved by the people for he was righteous and wise.

When he took over the leadership, he tended the plants left to him by his predecessors. His days were peaceful, and nothing troubled the serenity of the Christians and Christianity. He remained steadfast in his work for fourteen years, six months and three days and departed in the reign of Aurelius and Lucius Verus, the two sons of the princes, on the 9th of Epip (16 July), in the year 166 AD.[1] He was enshrouded, and buried with his fathers, the patriarchs.



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