Pope Timothy II of Alexandria

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Timothy II of Alexandria
Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark
Papacy began457
Papacy ended31 July 477
PredecessorDioscorus the Great
SuccessorPeter III
Personal details
Died31 July 477
BuriedSaint Mark's Church
DenominationCoptic Orthodox Christian
ResidenceSaint Mark's Church
Feast day31 July Julian Calendar (7 Mesra in the Coptic Calendar)
Venerated inCoptic Orthodox Church

Pope Timothy II of Alexandria (died 477), also known as Αἴλουρος/Aelurus (from Greek cat because of his small build or in this case probably "weasel"[1]), succeeded twice in supplanting the Chalcedonian Patriarch of Alexandria.

He was elected and consecrated after the death of the exiled Dioscorus of Alexandria in 454 by the Miaphysite opponents of the Council of Chalcedon and became a rival of the Pro-Chalcedon bishop Proterius.

According to Pro-Chalcedon Sources, after Proterius of Alexandria, has been installed as Patriarch after the Council of Chalcedon, he was murdered at Timothy's instigation at the baptistery during Easter,[2] . In the Anti-Chalcedon Sources, Proterius was murdered on the order of the Byzantine General in Charge of Egypt after a heated exchange [3]

In 460, the Emperor expelled him from Alexandria and installed the Chalcedonian Timothy III Salophakiolos as Patriarch.

An uprising in 475 again brought Timothy II back to Alexandria, where he ruled as Patriarch until his death.


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Preceded by
Dioscorus I
Coptic Pope
Succeeded by
Peter III