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Popo may refer to:

As a given name or surname:

  • Popo Molefe (born 1952), South African politician and former Premier of the North West Province
  • Hira Te Popo (died 1889), New Zealand tribal leader
  • Sundar Popo (1943-2000), musician from Trinidad and Tobago

As a nickname:

In entertainment:

  • Popo (album), a 1951 jazz album by Shorty Rogers and Art Pepper
  • Mr. Popo, a character in the manga and anime series Dragon Ball
  • Popo, a character in the Japanese anime series Kaiba
  • Popo, a player-controlled character in the Nintendo video game Ice Climber

Other uses:

See also[edit]

  • Grand Popo, town and commune in the Mono Department of south-western Benin
  • Izta-Popo, national park on the border of the Mexican states of México and Puebla
  • Little Popo, town in southeastern Togo
  • Te Popo, settlement in inland Taranaki, in the western North Island of New Zealand
  • Po Po Burmese installation and performance artist born Hla Oo